Weatherspoon Waiting On Draft

Tiger Linebacker waiting for Draft to start to find out his future

Former Missouri LB Sean Weatherspoon told ShowmeMizzou that he's "back in Jasper, Texas" today, surrounded by family and friends.  He'll spend the evening at a local hotel, complete with a camera crew from ESPN.

"Yeah.  Definitely," said "Spoon, when asked if he's pretty excited about this evening.  "I'm really excited!"

"I don't know," said Sean, when I inquired where he expected to be drafted.  "I have no idea.  The talks are good though, from my agent.  We're hearing that it should be today.  I might get drafted (today), but just not sure where................... Sometimes you just never know.  I'll be pretty grateful just to end up wherever I am."

Sean admitted that he's sitting on needles and pins, in the final hours, as he awaits the draft.   As always, he was as gracious as good be.

Weatherspoon said that some of the teams that they are hearing from are the Falcons, Saints, Cardinals, Broncos, Giants, and Chiefs.  He said, "It's just so hard to tell."

We'll have more from 'Spoon later.

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