Tiger Linebacker Shares Spring Thoughts

Luke Lambert shares his thoughts on this years spring practice experience

At the conclusion of spring practice, senior LB Luke Lambert spoke with ShowmeMizzou about the progress that the team made during spring ball.

"It's real exciting!  You see a lot of players from day one of spring ball grow a lot,"  said Lambert.  "You see people out there making plays that you didn't think could. They're really stepping into a role, now.  It's really fun to watch them.  Especially the young guys.  When you're a young guy, you don't really realize it.  But when you get to be the older guy, you kind of look at the young guys and you see them making plays.  It's impressive!"

Lambert concurred with his teammate, Andrew Gachkar's assessment that Missouri's current group of LBs is the best that they've seen at Missouri.  "With all due respect to everybody that I've played with," he said, "you know, Van, and Brock, Spoon.  I don't know what it is, but everybody just seems to come in and work hard every day, and it's one through thirteen.  They're a fun group of guys, too."

Lambert talked about the quality of the players in Missouri's secondary.  "You've got competition everywhere," he said.  "And, you see new guys starting, you know there's good competition there. You know they're good players."

Lambert continued, providing his overall assessment of the team.  "Up to this point," said Luke, "It's looking good.  I like how we're looking overall as a team.  Guys are working hard.  I like it that people are doing what they need to do............... We're focused on Illinois.  And even before Illinois, it's summer ball."

He talked about taking on more of a leadership role on the team.  "It's different," said Lambert.  "But, it's fun!  I like helping out the younger guys.  It makes our team better.  That's our overall goal."

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