Breakdown on Mizzou commitment William Moore

After viewing several game tapes of William Moore from Hayti, Missouri, here are my evaluations of what Missouri fans can expect from this talented youngster.

As is usually the case with talented players from small schools, they have to be ironmen as well as good ball players because they almost never leave the field.

William Moore, #20 for Hayti, and a senior next season, lines up as the outside receiver on offense, and also in the slot.  Hayti uses Moore in multiple ways on offense. 

When he lines up in the slot, he comes in motion regularly and either takes the handoff from the quarterback, or acts as the de facto lead blocker for the tailback off-tackle or around the end.

When Moore isn't carrying the ball, Hayti relies on him heavily as a downfield blocker...and what a devasting blocker he is!  In several instances on the game tape, Moore was downfield not only blocking defensive backs, but pancaking them.  His coaches told me that he is one of the best downfield blockers they've ever seen at the wide receiver position, I would tend to agree...especially at this level.

Moore also used his size advantage to out leap opponents for several downfield passes.  Hayti also used him several times through the year on the inside screen, similar to the one that Damon Mayes used to run at Missouri.  Moore is nowhere in Mayes' universe from a speed perspective, but he is no slouch either.  He has been timed in the 4.5 range on grass, and for a 6-2, 190 lbs. athlete, that's still very fast.

I was impressed with Moore's hands both on offense and defense, where he played cornerback. He has excellent instincts when the ball is in the air and seemed to be in position to either make a reception or intercept a pass much more often than not.  In the sectional playoff game vs. Ash Grove, Moore had three interceptions, one touchdown and one two-point conversion.

Also evident in the game films was William Moore's natural strength.  He easily ran through arm tackles and grabbed jerseys.

On defense, I didn't see Moore much on run support, but that may be due to defensive assignments more than anything else.

All in all, I think the buzz around William Moore is warranted.  He gives Missouri many different options as to where he should play, and given his ability and instincts, he should excel at any of them.


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