Tuesday Afternoon Practice Notes

The Tigers held an abbreviated practice on Tuesday afternoon in first of two-a-days

The Missouri Tigers went through an abbreviated second practice of the day this afternoon, wearing helmets and shoulder pads in sweltering heat and humidity on the Kadlec Fields.

Will Ebner (hamstring) and Luke Lambert (slightly sprained knee) sat out all drills wearing red jerseys, but both were able to jog across the field without any noticeable limp. De'Vion Moore was held out due to a mild concussion. All three are expected to return soon. Jarrell Harrison (knee) is still being evaluated, but appears to be more seriously injured.

There are no new changes to the depth chart to report other than those which have occurred as a result of injuries. In Harrison's absence, Tavon Bolden moved up to the second unit. Jeff Gettys is working as the starter at MLB.

Following warm-ups, linemen broke into groups to conduct 1-on-1 pass-rush drills. Dominique Hamilton bull-rushed his way past Justin Britt for a sack. Marvin Foster easily got past Max Copeland. Michael Sam used his speed to get past Elvis Fisher on the outside. Brendan Donaldson easily overpowered Taylor Davis. Dan Hoch stonewalled Jacquies Smith. Anthony Gatti did a nice job of blocking while going against Kony Ealy. Lucas Vincent appeared to throw Tim Barnes aside on his way to the QB. Barnes was a little gimpy after getting up. Then Marcus Malbrough blew by Barnes with a change of direction and a spin. Britt did a pretty good job on Aldon Smith. Chris Freeman did a nice job of moving his feet, and blocking George White. Jack Meiners withstood Hamilton's bull-rush despite giving up quite a bit of ground.

During 11-on-11 action, Blaine Gabbert found Wes Kemp out along the left sideline. Kemp turned it up for a nice gain. Gabbert dropped one right onto Jaleel Clark's hands as he ran past Kenji Jackson deep down the right hash. Six! Kendial Lawrence took an inside hand-off around the right side for a nice gain.

Working with the first unit, James Franklin hit L'Damian Washington on a crossing pattern for a first down. Franklin found T.J. Moe sitting down in the left hash area for a first down. Moe took an inside hand-off from Franklin and sped around the left side for a nice gain.Kerwin Stricker took a pass from Jimmy Costello right in stride out along the right side and took it up the sideline for a big gain. Tristen Holt and Braylon Webb were among those in pursuit. After taking an inside hand-off from Costello, Jared Culver was met at the line of scrimmage by a host of tacklers, including Jeff Gettys. Henry Josey took a pitch from Costello around the left side and showed a good burst for a nice gain.

Ashton Glaser's pass to Henry Josey sailed right through Josey's hands. Marcus Murphy took an inside hand-off around the left side and made some people miss, picking up about four or five hard-earned yards.

Greg White took a pitch from Tyler Gabbert around the left side for a nice gain. Marcus Murphy took an inside hand-off from Tyler around the right side for a nice gain. Tyler hit Eric Waters out near the left seam. Waters took it up field for a nice gain. Josey showed good change of direction on a carry around the right side for a big gain. Tyler did a nice job of leading Josey up field with a swing pass out along the right side. Josey took it up field for a nice gain. Kony Ealy burst through and forced Tyler to throw the ball away. On the next play, Marvin Foster quickly got into the backfield and touched Tyler for the sack. Fortunately for Tyler, they're not tackling the QB this afternoon. Jimmy Hunt hauled in a quick out from Tyler, and danced his way up the sideline for a big gain.

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