Wednesday Practice Report

Tigers close in on one week of pre-season camp with scrimmage coming Saturday

The Missouri Tigers practiced in full pads this morning on the Kadlec Fields. About halfway through practice, everyone welcomed a respite from the heat that was provided by some cloud cover, and was accompanied by a nice breeze.


Luke Lambert shed his red pull-over early in practice, and went full bore. Will Ebner (hamstring) wore a red pull-over, and participated in warm-ups and some light drills. De'Vion Moore (mild concussion) also wore a red pull-over, and participated in non-contact drills. Jarrell Harrison will have arthroscopic surgery on Friday to repair a torn meniscus, and is expected to return in about three weeks. He may be able to play against Illinois. Coach Pinkel talked about Harrison's loss, and about practice.

"We're hoping that (Harrison) will be back by the Illinois game," said coach Pinkel. "That's really good news! We'll rotate (Tavon Bolden, and Kenronte Walker) through there, and see what happens there. There's a lot of good competition there.............. I thought we had a really good practice today. We had a lot of good competition. That's good."


During 7-on-7 action, after a couple of incomplete passes, James Franklin found Beau Brinkley sitting down in the right hash area for a first down. L'Damian Washington made a nice reception in a crowd of defenders of a well-thrown pass from Franklin. Washington took a pretty good hit, but held onto the ball. That's a couple of guys, both of whom have been very impressive in camp. Franklin is improving almost daily, and has separated himself from the pack in the competition for the number two QB job. Franklin plays the position a little differently from the other Missouri QBs. His ability to run the football is one thing that stands out, plus he has a little different style as a passer. Washington is going to play a lot, and is going to make plays. He may start, or may be a co-starter, but he'll certainly play a lot.

Blaine Gabbert hit Jerrell Jackson right in stride coming across the middle. Jackson turned it up for a first down. Blaine found T. J. Moe in the left hash area. Moe turned it up for a first down. Blaine hit Rolandis Woodland right in stride down the right seam for a big gain. Blaine hit Wes Kemp on a slant. Kemp made a diving catch of the low throw for about fifteen yards. Andrew Gachkar and Kevin Rutland converged on a prospective receiver, and each appeared to get a hand on Blaine's pass, knocking the ball and the intended receiver to the ground.

Jimmie Hunt made a nice reception of a Tyler Gabbert pass. Hunt was sitting down in the left hash area, and quickly turned it up field for a first down. Tyler's pass bounced right off of Kerwin Stricker's hands.

Ashton Glaser found Jimmie Hunt for a completion out along the left sideline. Hunt made some people miss, and picked up a first down.

Matt White intercepted a Jimmy Costello pass down near the goal line.

Carl Gettis, T.J. Moe, and Marcus Murphy were the ones fielding all of the punts during the special teams segment.

During today's 'Tiger Drill' action, Kenji Jackson tackled T.J. Moe. Rolandis Woodland ran through Kevin Rutland's attempted tackle. Wes Kemp kept driving his legs after contact, and powered his way past Munir Prince. Kerwin Stricker juked his way past Tavon Bolden. Tristen Holt exhibited a nice form tackle in bringing down Henry Josey.

During 11-on-11 action, Franklin faked a hand-off, and took it around the right side for a nice gain. The defensive secondary made several successive nice plays, breaking up three or four passes in a row. Later, Franklin took a shotgun snap, and read the running lane, and took it up the gut. That's a play that Brad Smith used to run. Franklin hit Moe for a first down. Nice throw and catch down near the left hash. Matt White had the coverage.

Costello found Eric Waters out along the right side. Waters took it right in stride and got the first down. Costello faked a hand-off to Greg White, then hit Kerwin Stricker out along the right side. Stricker picked up good yardage running up the sideline before he was knocked off of his feet near the first down marker. Costello hit Henry Josey with a swing pass out in the left flat. Josey followed Gahn McGaffie's block for a nice gain. Later, Costello hit Andrew Jones on a deep slant for six. Jones got inside position on Matt White, and the ball was thrown where White couldn't do much about it.

Blaine Gabbert's pass thrown deep down the right sideline, intended for Woodland, floated out of bounds. Derrick Washington took an inside hand-off and cut it up inside. He was stuffed for little or no gain by Dominique Hamilton, Terrell Resonno, and others. Jerrell Jackson dropped Blaine's pass, which was thrown slightly behind him, but was certainly catch-able. Gabbert came right back to Jackson for a reception out along the left sideline, good for a first down. Andrew Gachkar was in coverage. Blaine's swing pass, intended for Kendial Lawrence coming out of the backfield, was just out of Lawrence's reach. Then, Lawrence took an inside hand-off up the middle for a first down. Nice run. Big hole. later, Blaine Gabbert showed off his NFL-caliber arm. Back-peddling to avoid the rush, Blaine threw a bullet across the field, 30 yards down along the right sideline, placing the ball just over Gettis' outstretched hand, and getting it to his receiver.

One thing I've taken notice of today is that when Kip Edwards comes in as the fifth defensive back, it is Gooden that is going off of the field.

Tyler Gabbert hit Greg White out along the left side for about a six-yard gain. Xavier Smith and Jared Parham were among several defenders who arrived to run White out of bounds. Marcus Murphy took a pitch from Tyler around the left side for a nice gain. Murphy just seems to really fit into this offense. He's not the speed-burner that Josey is, but his skill as a receiver, and his ability to make people miss in a confined space, are real assets.

Lucas Vincent and Ben Eskelson broke through on the left side, and chased Tyler down in the backfield.

Ashton Glaser had a rough day, with three interceptions on the day. Maybe tomorrow will be better?

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