Tiger Scrimmage Report

The Tigers go all out and show an improved run game in their first scrimmage

The Missouri Tigers held their first scrimmage of the fall camp this morning, and the offense prevailed in the elaborate scoring system utilized by the staff, by the score of 56-48. What this scrimmage was really about though, is the sifting of the wheat from the chaff, and many players either helped themselves, or didn't.

There were a couple of injuries to report. Will Ebner and Jerrell Jackson wore red jerseys throughout, and did not play. Freshman WR, Jimmie Hunt, got caught up in a host of tacklers, and came away with an injured ankle. Kirk Lakebrink injured an ankle today, and Dan Hoch finished the scrimmage despite a sprained toe. Coach Pinkel said that Lakebrink and Hunt had X-rays taken, and that both of them are "fine".

Afterward, Coach Pinkel talked about the day, which is a very important one for players trying to climb the depth chart and make their way onto the field this season.

"This first scrimmage is a lot of mixing and matching of players," began Coach Pinkel. "We got the goal of the number of plays we wanted. We looked OK. But, OK isn't good enough. We've got a lot of work to do. What we'll do is we'll go and analyze all of our personnel. We'll analyze the offense and the defense, and we'll be able to tell them exactly what they need to do."

Senior TB Derrick Washington was the star of the day, ripping off several big runs, and finished with 133 yards and a TD rushing on 7 carries, and 3 receptions for 59 yards and a TD. Coach Pinkel talked about his senior back.

"Yeah. He's good," deadpanned Coach Pinkel. "He's been around. You know. He's been around."

Washington talked about his big day.

"I know what I'm capable of doing," said Washington. "I just need to come out and play. When the O-line is doing their job, it's making it a lot easier for me. What more can you ask for? When you're going through untouched, you can't ask for anything more."

From my point of view, the best news of the day came when Coach Pinkel said that Hunt would "be fine". When he went down, I thought it looked bad, so it was great news to hear that the talented freshman was not seriously injured. We'll have to see how long he'll be out.

The day started off with punting and kick-offs. Punt returners included Carl Gettis, T.J. Moe, Kip Edwards, and Marcus Murphy. First team kick-off returners included Jasper Simmons, followed by Wes Kemp. The up men were Moe and De'Vion Moore. The number two kick-off return team had Henry Josey and Marcus Murphy alternating back, and the up men were Kendial Lawrence and Gahn McGaffie.

Following a series of field goals, the number one offense took the ball coming out of their own end. Derrick Washington took an inside hand-off and went left, then cut it up just outside the hash marks, and weaved his way down field for a big, big gain.

Later, Blaine checked down to Derrick Washington out in the right flat for a short gain. Blaine then found T.J. Moe out along the left side for one of his several receptions on the day. Kenji Jackson came up and made the stop after Moe had picked up about seven yards. Michael Egnew made a nice reception of a pass from Blaine that was thrown behind him. A few plays later, Brad Madison ran into the backfield and sacked the big QB.

There were several defensive stars today, as well. Bart Coslet returned an interception for a TD, and Michael Sam registered five QB sacks. Sam was in the backfield all morning, and one would think that he may have earned himself a promotion. I thought that several of the defensive linemen helped themselves today, including Brad Madison and Marvin Foster.

Jimmy Costello had a good day. He located Jimmie Hunt out along the left sideline, and Hunt turned it up for a nice gain. Then, Costello got the ball to McGaffie down the middle for a first down.

James Franklin found Kendial Lawrence out along the left side for about seven yards. Kerwin Stricker dropped Franklin's next pass. During one series, Aldon Smith chased Franklin out of the pocket, forcing him to unload the football, then came back a couple of plays later and chased him down for the sack. Stricker took a pitch from Franklin and turned it up for a first down. Then, Franklin kept it and made the first down on his own.

Other defensive players who helped themselves today include Kenronte Walker and Matt White, and Brendan Donaldson and Lucas Vincent.

Among the offensive players who helped themselves today was Bud Sasser. Sasser looked like one of the best receivers on the field. With Hunt's injury, Sasser has moved to the head of the freshmen class. Based on the first week of practice, and today's scrimmage, Sasser has to be considered a strong candidate for the two-deep. A couple of red-shirt freshmen receivers helped themselves today, and have been strong throughout the first week and a half. L'Damian Washington and Jaleel Clark have to be considered strong candidates for the two-deep. Washington may have climbed to the top of the depth chart at the X WR position.

Up front, Anthony Gatti took reps with the second team offense, in the absence of the injured Lakebrink, and Chris Freeman worked at third team left tackle.

The first team offensive line was probably the day's best unit, as they opened up some big holes for Washington to motor through. All of the TEs looked good, and back-up QBs, Jimmy Costello and Ashton Glaser took full advantage of the scrimmage. Neither have been that impressive before today. Glaser, in fact, has really struggled before today, and he may have kept himself out of the depth chart basement with a fine showing today. I don't expect any changes in the depth chart at QB or TE. There ought to be some movement just about everywhere else.

Mizzou Football Scrimmage Stats

Offense Defeats Defense, 56-48

SCORING PLAYS Scoring Description ·

Bart Coslet 40-yard interception return


Kendial Lawrence 60-yard pass from Jimmy Costello


Greg White 1-yard run


Derrick Washington 1-yard run ·

Brandon Gerau 11-yard pass from Costello


Nikko Sansone 1-yard run


D. Washington 47-yard pass from Blaine Gabbert

PASSING STATISTICS Comp. Att. Yds. TD Int. Blaine Gabbert 18 23 162 1 0 Jimmy Costello 14 17 171 2 0 James Franklin 17 26 125 0 0 Ashton Glaser 17 21 168 0 1 Tyler Gabbert 12 20 72 0 0 TOTALS 78 107 698 3 1

RUSHING STATISTICS Att. Yds. TD Derrick Washington 7 133 1 Kendial Lawrence 4 21 0 Tyler Gabbert 5 20 0 James Franklin 8 18 0 Blaine Gabbert 5 11 0 Jared Culver 5 10 0 Greg White 2 8 1 De'Vion Moore 3 7 0 Nikko Sansone 3 6 1 Ashton Glaser 4 7 0 T.J. Moe 1 5 0 Henry Josey 4 4 0 Marcus Murphy 2 (-3) 0 Jimmy Costello 3 (-5) 0 TOTALS 56 242 3

RECEIVING STATISTICS Rec. Yds. TD T.J. Moe 7 47 0 Beau Brinkley 7 41 0 Kendial Lawrence 6 84 1 Bud Sasser 6 80 0 Kerwin Stricker 6 36 0 De'Vion Moore 6 23 0 Brandon Gerau 5 84 1 Michael Egnew 5 36 0 Andrew Jones 5 32 0 Terry Dennis 4 23 0 Derrick Washington 3 59 1 Gahn McGaffie 3 32 0 L'Damian Washington 3 32 0 Marcus Lucas 3 14 0 Eric Waters 2 24 0 Jimmie Hunt 2 13 0 Jaleel Clark 2 8 0 Jared Culver 1 14 0 Rolandis Woodland 1 9 0 Matt Hoch 1 7 0 TOTALS 78 698 3

INTERCEPTIONS INTs Yds. TD Bart Coslet 1 40 1

DEFENSIVE STATS QB Sacks – Michael Sam (5); Brad Madison (2); Brendon Donaldson (1); Bart Coslet (1); Aldon Smith (1); Kony Ealy (1) Tackles For Loss – Michael Sam (1); Brendon Donaldson (1); Adam Burton (1); Kenji Jackson (1) Passes Broken Up – Daniel Easterly (1); Trey Hobson (1) Fumbles Forced – Michael Sam (1); Bart Coslet (1); Tristen Holt (1) Fumbles Recovered – Michael Sam (1-50); Tristen Holt (1-30); Bart Coslet (1-0); Robert Steeples (1-0)

FIELD GOALS FG-FGA Makes Misses Grant Ressel 4-7 27, 31, 21, 44 41, 46, 46 Trey Barrow 5-8 27, 31, 41, 21, 57 46, 46, 44

PUNTING STATISTICS Tiger Att. Yds. Avg. Matt Grabner 6 264 44.0 Christian Brinser 6 261 43.5 Trey Barrow 6 238 39.7

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