"Best Practice Of Entire Camp"

Tigers come back from day off after scrimmage to have what might have been their best practice of pre-season camp

After a day off following the first scrimmage of fall camp, the Missouri Tigers resumed practice Monday morning in full pads on the Kadlec Fields. As expected, there were quite a few evident changes to the depth chart. Check out the Depth Chart stickied on the Premium Board a little later for the updated version. Among the highlighted changes, L'Damian Washington moved ahead of Rolandis Woodland at the X WR position, and Jayson Palmgren moved ahead of Justin Britt at left guard.

There were also changes precipitated by injuries. Dan Hoch watched practice in a red jersey, and Jack Meiners moved up onto the first unit today. Jerrell Jackson underwent surgery this morning, and was absent from practice. Coach Pinkel said that Jackson had a screw inserted into the broken bone in his wrist to secure the bone. Jarrell Harrison underwent surgery on Friday, and he's already begun rehab. Kirk Lakebrink sat out practice in a red jersey and wearing a boot on his sprained ankle. Kerwin Stricker sat out practice wearing a red jersey with a hip injury. He's scheduled to undergo further evaluation today. Jimmie Hunt wore a boot on his injured ankle, and sat out practice.

Coach Pinkel talked about today's practice.

"Overall, I thought this was the best practice we've had this entire camp," said Coach Pinkel. "We did a lot of good things in the scrimmage, but we weren't happy about a lot of things, also. I think we came out (today) and we got a lot better as a football team. Now, we've got to continue to do that. I thought the leadership was better. The enthusiasm level was better. And hopefully, we'll continue to improve."

During the special teams' segment, Jasper Simmons, Wes Kemp, Munir Prince, Henry Josey, and Marcus Murphy took turns returning kicks. Punt returners are Carl Gettis, T.J. Moe, Kip Edwards, and E.J. Gaines.

During the 9-on-9 work on the running game, Braylon Webb came up from his safety position, and stripped Tyler Gabbert of the ball. Darvin Ruise had come all of the way across the field, and recovered the fumble near the sideline. Elvis Fisher pulled around to the right side, as Derrick Washington took an inside hand-off and started around the right side. Washington cut up inside Fisher's block, and turned it up for a nice gain. Aldon Smith jumped inside, and stopped Kendial Lawrence in the backfield. De'Vion Moore took a hand-off around the right side, and cut it up for a big gain. Moore appears to be running with a vengeance today, following his demotion to number three TB.

"You know what? He wants to get his job back," stated Coach Pinkel. "He's a competitor. The competition's awesome!"

During the 1-on-1 pass-rush drill, Kony Ealy beat Chris Freeman to the outside. Freeman showed a good recovery, and got his long arms on him, but Ealy was just a little too fast for him around the edge. Aldon Smith picked up a win with a combination maneuver against Elvis Fisher. Dominique Hamilton bull-rushed his way past Travis Ruth. Ealy easily got past Stephen Carberry. Justin Britt stonewalled Marcus Malbrough. Lucas Vincent overpowered Wilson Rigg. Brad Madison utilized a spin move to get past Mitch Morse. Because of Dan Hoch's injury, Morse is working with the number two unit today. George White picked up a win over Dan Jenkins. Hamilton bull-rushed his way past Jayson Palmgren. Jack Meiners picked up a win over Jacquies Smith. Mitch Morse stopped Brad Madison.

During the Tiger Drill, E.J. Gaines tackled Marcus Murphy. Henry Josey ran past Munir Prince. Bud Sasser ran over Daniel Easterly.

Coach Pinkel talked about the play of the secondary.

"I think our pass defense has been okay," began Coach Pinkel. "I'm more concerned about our secondary run defense. When you have big plays, generally you've got somebody on the back end of your defense that breaks down................. If you see a forty-yard gain, generally somebody on the perimeter of the defense didn't do a very good job. That's been disappointing to me. Big plays absolutely destroy defenses. It does it in many ways. Not only the yardage and everything else, but what it does, it really plays on the confidence of your team. It gives up easy touchdowns, but what it does long term, it wears. It wears on you. So, we're trying to do a much better job of giving up fewer big plays. If we want to be a better defense, we have to. We're working at it, and we're trying to get better."

During 11-on-11 action, Blaine Gabbert completed a screen pass to Rolandis Woodland, and Woodland turned it up for a first down. T.J. Moe went up for a nice grab of a pass from Blaine for a first down over the middle. Blaine found Derrick Washington with a screen pass in the middle, and Washington picked up a first down. Blaine missed connection with L'Damian Washington out along the left sideline. The throw was a little high, and a little behind Washington. Moore took an inside hand-off around the left side for about five yards.

James Franklin found Jaleel Clark over the middle for a first down. De'Vion Moore took a hand-off around the left side and cut it up inside for a big gain. Franklin hit Bud Sasser on a quick out along the left sideline. Sasser took it up the sideline for a first down. Franklin got the ball to Henry Josey on a swing pass out in the left flat, and Josey turned it up for a first down. Then, Josey took a pitch from Franklin and got the edge along the left sideline. Jacquies Smith got in the backfield and batted down Franklin's pass attempt.

Ashton Glaser hit Beau Brinkley right in the hands, but the ball just bounced out. Glaser faked a hand-off to Murphy and then completed a pass out along the sideline to Brinkley.

Marcus Murphy took a Tyler Gabbert hand-off, and skirted around the edge for a nice gain. Tyler found Marcus Lucas on a slip screen over on the side for a nice gain. Greg White took a hand-off around the left side for a short gain.

Coach Pinkel talked about the fluidity of the depth chart at wide receiver.

"We'll see how it sorts out at the end," said Coach Pinkel. "A lot of times, you don't want to be moving a lot of young people around too much. We'll see what happens. That thing's not going to get settled for awhile."

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