Monday Afternoon Practice Notes

Updates from today's afternoon two-a-days camp practice

The Missouri Tigers practiced in helmets and shoulder pads for about an hour-and-a-half this afternoon on the Kadlec Fields. There is an increasing number of players wearing red jerseys and sitting out the drills.

Let's review the injury list. Donovan Bonner (knee) out for season, Mark Hill (knee) out for season, Tony Randolph (knee) may return mid-season, Jarrell Harrison (knee) out three weeks, Jerrell Jackson (wrist) out 4-6 weeks, Jimmie Hunt (ankle) out 1 week or more, Kirk Lakebrink (ankle) out 1 week or more, Kerwin Stricker (hip and ankle) awaiting further evaluation, Dan Hoch (toe) day to day, Kendial Lawrence (hip) day to day, Darvin Ruise (unknown) unknown.

In addition, Jared Parham and Will Ebner practiced this afternoon wearing red pull-overs.

Three more walk-ons joined the team today. LB Lashad Bradford, TB Matt Davis, and TE Marvin Norman each participated in this afternoon's practice.

During 7-on-7s, Blaine Gabbert hit L'Damian Washington down the right sideline for a 20-yard reception. He split Carl Gettis and Kenji Jackson. Michael Egnew hauled in Blaine's pass down the right seam for about six yards. Andrew Gachkar was among the defenders in the area. Wes Kemp made a nice catch. Blaine threaded one in between defenders down the right hash, and Kemp went down on the ground in front of Kenji Jackson for the low throw, and caught the ball in his hands out away from his body. Blaine found T.J. Moe on a quick hitter over the middle, and Moe turned it up for a first down.

James Franklin found Rolandis Woodland out along the left sideline for a first down. Franklin came right back to Bud Sasser along the right side for a short gain. Franklin hit Jaleel Clark out along the left sideline. Franklin has a good rhythm going. He's setting his feet quickly, and rifling the ball right to his receivers. After quickly surveying the field, Franklin dropped it off to Marcus Murphy out in the left flat. Franklin led Murphy right up the field, a good read, and nice touch on the well-located pass. Murphy picked up a first down after the catch. Franklin found Marcus Lucas out along the left side. Lucas made a nice reception and turned up field for a nice gain, but was stripped of the ball after he had picked up the first down.

Jimmy Costello led Andrew Jones too far out in front on a slant. Gachkar was on the coverage. Costello found Woodland sitting down near the first down marker out along the left side. Matt White and E.J. Gaines on the coverage. Marcus Murphy took a short pass over the middle and turned it up for a first down.

Ashton Glaser completed a delayed pass in the left seam to Greg White. Glaser's next pass hit Lucas in the hands and bounced right into the hands of Tristen Holt for an interception. Lucas let that ball get too close to him, instead of catching it out away from his body. Marcus Lucas took a Glaser pass out along the right sideline and turned it up for a nice gain. Tavon Bolden came up to break up a Glaser pass attempt intended for Woodland deep down the hash.

Tyler Gabbert hit Jared Culver right in the chest with the ball. Culver tried to catch the ball against his body, and the ball bounced out. Tyler's pass attempt intended for Eric Waters was fired a little high. Waters got a hand on it and tipped it in the air. The ball was tipped by several players before a defender hauled it in for the interception. Then, Xavier Smith broke up a pass attempt from Tyler that was intended for Gahn McGaffie deep down the left sideline.

The QBs and receivers seemed to get into a groove this afternoon. Passes were for the most part on target, and there were few drops. Timing seemed to be improved in the passing game.

During 11-on-11 action, Blaine Gabbert found T.J. Moe out along the left sideline, and Moe turned it up for a first down.

James Franklin found Gahn McGaffie out in the left flat for a nice gain. Then, Franklin led Murphy up field on a swing pass out in the left flat, and Murphy picked up a first down. Running left, Franklin faked the pitch and kept it, cutting it up inside for a first down. You can see Franklin becoming a little more sure of himself running this offense. He's not ready to take over, but he's starting to get a handle on it.

After Ashton Glaser hit McGaffie running down the right seam, he came back and ran a keeper up inside for a first down. Then, Kony Ealy beat Chris Freeman off of the edge and knocked the ball out of G;laser's hand.

Tyler Gabbert hit Henry Josey with a swing pass out along the left side for a nice gain.

Tigers resume practice Tuesday morning at 7:15 am.

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