Tigers "Kul" Along The D-Line

Mizzou Defensive line coach shares his thoughts about the Tigers at his position

One day after practice, ShowMeMizzou spoke with Missouri defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski about how his charges are shaping up.

"So far, I like the way our intensity is," said Coach Kuligowski. "I think our conditioning level is excellent. I feel like we're using some of the things that we learned in spring ball, and they kind of carried them over day one, which I'm very happy about. I can see that they've been working hard this summer, and it's starting to pay off."

Coach Kul said that George White and Brendan Donaldson had been in very close competition for a spot on the second unit all throughout the spring, and that White had edged ahead following his performance in the Spring Game. This is the explanation that he gave for White opening fall camp ahead of Donaldson on the depth chart. He indicated that the competition between those two will continue now that fall camp is underway.

According to Coach Kuligowski, Brendan Donaldson is a real hard worker, and one of the strongest guys on the team.

Regarding Jimmy Burge, Coach Kul said, "I would say right now, if we played the first game today, that Jimmy Burge would be playing."

Coach Kul expressed his excitement about his new players, including Marvin Foster, Lucas Vincent, and Kony Ealy.

"I'm pleased with Lucas Vincent," said Coach Kul. "He's a guy that is close to 300 pounds already, and can move laterally. We did our power training thing for the first time, and he made all of them. For a young guy that size to come through that is a challenge, and I'm glad he's up to the challenge. He's strong! Marvin Foster is not a freshman, but we're just getting him back. So, he's kind of like a freshman, missing spring ball and most of last year. I'm pleased with what I see in him. And, I think he's got a lot of potential. And, Kony Ealy is just big, tall, fast, and explosive. I think he's going to be super! So, I'm real excited about all of those guys, and obviously they have bright futures."

Coach Kuligowski indicated that he thinks the newcomers are physically "close to being ready to play".

"I try to come into this whole thing with an open slate," said Coach Kul. "I try to let them show me what they can do. Then I can see, and not have a predetermined set in my mind of what's going to go on."

"I think that our depth is fantastic," said Coach Kul, referring to the defensive line. "I feel really good about these guys, and I think we're going to be up for any challenge."

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