Second Tiger Scrimmage Report

Offense wins the day as the Tigers complete their second scrimmage of pre-season camp

Thursday morning on Faurot Field, the Missouri Tigers held their second scrimmage of fall camp. The offense racked up an impressive 41-19 win over the defense with a balanced attack which featured an effective running game to compliment an efficient passing game. Missouri's top two QBs, Blaine Gabbert and James Franklin, combined for 25-31 passing, for 276 yards and 4 TDs. Franklin also ran for a TD, to cap off a very efficient drive behind the number two offense. Passes were spread around throughout the offense, and five different receivers caught a pass for a TD. Marcus Lucas led all receivers on the day with 6 receptions for 70 yards. Derrick Washington had another big day, as he rushed for 35 yards on 7 carries, and had 3 catches for 68 yards and a TD.

Marcus Lucas

After the scrimmage, Coach Pinkel talked about the day.

"There were a lot of penalties on both sides of the football," said Coach Pinkel. "That was probably my biggest disappointment, that we weren't a little more disciplined there. Last year, we fell off in that area, the worse we were since I've been here. And, that's just Missouri beating Missouri. So, we're going to learn from that. There was some good things............. We're working hard, and as I tell our players, it's narrowing down now. Saturday is fourteen days until kick-off. We all have to feel the urgency of improving to get better."

Several player sat out this scrimmage, including Jarrell Harrison, Kevin Rutland (back strain, day-to-day), Will Ebner, Adam Burton, Jerrell Jackson, Kerwin Stricker, and Jimmie Hunt.

Kip Edwards moved over to take Rutland's spot on the starting defense. Safeties Tavon Bolden, Matt White, and Kenronte Walker each did some good things today, and appear to remain in close competition for those spots on the two-deep. Jeff Gettys stepped up into Ebner's vacated second team spot at MLB. Jared Parham joined Michael Brennan and Darvin Ruise on the third team. Munir Prince and Trey Hobson continued to split reps with the second team defense. Robert Steeples opened on the other side with the second unit, and E.J. Gaines got in some reps with the second team, as well.

The day began with some relatively live kick-off coverage/returns. Jasper Simmons continues as the primary kick returner, and both Marcus Murphy and Henry Josey also returned kicks.

Coming out from the 1-yard line, the first team offense began with a couple of Derrick Washington rushing attempts that netted about 4 yards combined. On third down, Trey Hobson stuffed T.J. Moe after a short gain following a reception of a quick hitter along the right sideline.

Costello came out from the 1-yard line with the number two offense. He had Bud Sasser, Jaleel Clark, and Rolandis Woodland out wide. He ran a delay between the tackles, and picked up a first down.

Tyler Gabbert led the third team offense out, and after Henry Josey picked up a couple of yards, Tyler found Brandon Gerau on third and seven out along the right sideline for a first down.

Blaine took over near mid-field, and with a mix of run and pass, crisply moved the team down the field. This well-executed drive was highlighted by a couple of nice runs by Derrick Washington, and culminated in a TD pass from Blaine to T.J. Moe, a quick out that Moe ran in along the right side behind blocks from Wes Kemp and L'Damian Washington.

Later, Blaine under threw Wes Kemp over the middle. Kendial Lawrence picked up a couple of tough yards inside. Travis Ruth got some reps in at right guard.

Marcus Murphy took a swing pass from Tyler Gabbert out in the flat, and turned it inside for a first down and then some.

Jimmy Costello found Beau Brinkely over the middle for a first down. Then he had L'Damian Washington on a deep cross, but threw the ball behind him. Anthony Gatti, Nick Demien, and Henry Josey were getting some reps with the second team offense. Kenronte Walker and Robert Steeples got in for awhile with the first team defense. There was a lot of mixing and matching of personnel throughout the scrimmage, and a lot of players saw action with multiple units. This was well-organized, and with a purpose. Coach Pinkel talked about the purpose.

"We analyze everything that happens out there," said Coach Pinkel. "Who they're going against, what they're doing, and so on and so forth. We'll evaluate it all, and do what we do."

James Franklin brought the third team offense out onto the field. Justin Britt was playing center on this unit, and turned in a strong performance. James hooked up with Marcus Lucas on a shallow cross, and Lucas went up and made a fingertip grab and turned it up field for a first down. Franklin faked a hand-off to Marcus Murphy, and hit Eric Waters on a slip screen over on the left side. Waters took it up for a short gain. Murphy took an inside hand-off, and got the edge for a first down. James hit Gahn McGaffie over along the left seam for about six yards. Greg White took a pitch around the right side and got it down near the goal line. Then, Franklin kept it and went over the left side for six. That drive was crisp and efficient. It looked almost too easy. There's no question in my mind that Franklin has distanced himself from the pack in the competition for the back-up job at QB.

Another QB may have emerged from the pack. Ashton Glaser ran for 49 yards and a TD, mostly on scrambles. And, he was also 9 for 9 passing for 98 yards and a TD. That one TD, a 29 yarder down the right sideline to Woodland was one of the highlights of the day. Woodland may have trouble catching certain types of throws, but he can definitely run under and catch those deep ones. That was also the lone TD surrendered on the day by the number one defense.

Speaking of defense, Michael Sam played well at the number two DE spot he just recently claimed, but Marcus Malbrough came out trying to get his job back, with a pair of sacks on the day. Zaviar Gooden had an interception and a tackle for loss, as one of the defensive stalwarts on the day.

But, this day belonged to the offense.

Mizzou Football Scrimmage Stats – August 19, 2010 Scoring

T.J. Moe 9 yard pass from Blaine Gabbert

James Franklin 1 yard run

Derrick Washington 31 yard pass from Blaine Gabbert

Jared Culver 5 yard run

Rolandis Woodland 29 yard pass from Ashton Glaser

Michael Egnew 23 yard pass from Blaine Gabbert

L'Damian Washington 16 yard pass from James Franklin

Ashton Glaser 1 yard run

Passing Blaine Gabbert: 16-of 21, 208 yds, 1 TD Jimmy Costello: 8-of-20, 104 yds, 1 INT Ashton Glaser: 9-of-9, 98 yds, 1 TD Tyler Gabbert: 8-of-13, 74 yds James Franklin: 9-10, 68 yds, 1 TD

Rushing (rushes-yds) Ashton Glaser: 4-49, 1 TD Derrick Washington: 7-35 Greg White: 3-35 Kendial Lawrence: 9-22 Jared Culver: 4-16, 1 TD Jimmy Costello: 1-15 Henry Josey: 4-11 Marcus Murphy: 1-9 De'Vion Moore: 3-6 Blaine Gabbert: 2-1 James Franklin: 1-1, 1 TD Tyler Gabbert: 1-(-8)

Receiving (receptions-yds) Marcus Lucas: 6-70 Derrick Washington: 3-68, 1 TD Michael Egnew: 5-55, 1 TD T.J. Moe: 4-55, 1 TD Marcus Murphy: 2-55 L'Damian Washington: 3-39, 1 TD Terry Dennis: 4-31 Brandon Gerau: 2-31 Rolandis Woodland: 2-31, 1 TD Beau Brinkley: 2-31 Gahn McGaffie: 5-28 Kendial Lawrence: 1-12 Jaleel Clark: 1-11 Jared Culver: 1-11 Andrew Jones: 1-10 Bud Sasser: 3-9 Eric Waters: 2-9 Matt Hoch: 3-8 Henry Josey: 1-7 Wes Kemp: 1-5

Field Goals

Trey Barrow: 7-of-7 (Made: 38, 41, 34, 51, 22, 43, 37) Grant Ressel: 4-of-7 (Made: 38, 41, 34, 22)

Punting (Punts-Yds) Christian Brisner: 2-81 (Avg.: 40.5) Trey Barrow: 2-80 (Avg.: 40.0) Matt Grabner: 2-71 (Avg.: 35.5)


Zavier Gooden: 1 TFL, 1 INT Marcus Malbrough: 2 Sacks Michael Sam: 1 TFL George White: 1 TFL Josh Tatum: 1 TFL Jimmy Burge: 1 TFL Kip Edwards: 1 TFL Dominique Hamilton: 1 QBH Trey Hobson: 1 PBU Matt White: 1 PBU Darvin Ruise: 1 PBU

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