Friday Morning Practice Report 8-20-10

Some minor changes in the depth chart as the Tigers resume practice today

Following yesterday's scrimmage, the second of fall camp, the Missouri Tigers resumed practice this morning in full pads. Because of the threat of a nearby thunderstorm, practice was moved indoors.

In addition to the injured players who missed yesterday's scrimmage, including receivers Jerrell Jackson, Kerwin Stricker, and Jimmie Hunt, LBs Will Ebner and Adam Burton, and safety Jarrell Harrison, there was one other injury to report. Freshman DT Lucas Vincent suffered a sprained ankle yesterday, and watched practice today wearing a red jersey and a protective boot.

There were some changes to the depth chart to report. Trey Barrow appears to have moved ahead of Grant Ressel. It appears that Wes Kemp and Brandon Gerau are working as co-starters at the Z WR position, and that Jaleel Clark is working with the number three unit at that spot. Freshman OL Mitch Morse was pretty excited about having been promoted to the number two offensive line at right guard.

"Now, I have to work even harder to stay there," said Morse.

Other depth chart changes that I observed were the promotion of Brendan Donaldson back up to the second team defense, where he had performed during most of the spring, and the promotion of RSF QB Ashton Glaser up to the number three offense. I'll update the Depth Chart thread stickied on the premium board as I become more certain of other possible changes. Perhaps this afternoon's practice will reveal more information in this regard.

After practice Coach Pinkel talked about the competition.

"It was a pretty competitive practice," said Coach Pinkel. "I love practices like that. When practice was over, we were tied for the black shirts, so what we did, we had a little 3-play play-off between the one offense and the one defense. The one defense won, so the defense won today. But, you get better as a football team when you compete like that."

During the 9-on-9 work on the running game, the offense employed a two-tight end set with the QB under center. This appeared to be a short yardage drill. Kendial Lawrence took a hand-off for a nice gain over the right side. De'Vion Moore took a hand-off and went over the left side for a short gain.

During the 1-on-1 pass receiving drill, the offense performed very well, and there were quite a number of very good catches made. Derrick Washington made a nice catch in front of Zaviar Gooden. Jaleel Clark made a nice catch in front of Xavier Smith. Gahn McGaffie took a pass just behind the line of scrimmage out along the left side. Tavon Bolden came across and slobber-knocked him out of bounds. Wes Kemp made a nice catch in front of Carl Gettis. Kenronte Walker arrived with the ball, and whacked Michael Egnew for a pass break-up. Wes Kemp went up high in front of Robert Steeples to haul in a Blaine Gabbert pass. Marcus Lucas ran under a nice pass from Ashton Glaser on a deep post.

During the 1-on-1 pass-rush drill, the offensive line won the vast majority of their match-ups with the defense. At one point, the offense won about five or six in a row. Dominique Hamilton used his speed to get past Austin Wuebbels. Aldon Smith ran past Wuebbels for a sack. Tim Barnes held on for a win over Hamilton. Brendan Donaldson bull-rushed his way past Mitch Morse, then came back a little later, and just threw Morse to the ground. Britt stone-walled Hamilton. Dan Hoch picked up a win over Jacquies Smith. Kony Ealy blew past Chris Freeman on the outside. Barnes stone-walled Terrell Resonno. Jayson Palmgren held on for a win over Brad Madison. Jack Meiners picked up a win over Madison. Donaldson threw Nick Demien aside on his way to the QB. Meiners held on for a closely contested win over Madison.

During 7-on-7s, Blaine Gabbert's pass was just a little bit behind Wes Kemp. Kemp got his hands on it, but couldn't corral it. Blaine found T.J. Moe down the middle for a first down. Jasper Simmons and Luke Lambert were on the coverage.

Tyler Gabbert hit Eric Waters on a shallow cross for a nice gain.

During 11-on-11 action, Blaine Gabbert scrambled out to his right and found L'Damian Washington out along the right sideline for about a twenty-yard gain. Washington did a nice job of coming back up the sideline to make a difficult catch. Kendial Lawrence took an inside hand-off around the right side for a nice gain. Kenji Jackson came up to make the stop. Later, Blaine scrambled out the right side of the pocket, and ran up the seam for a big gain. Blaine faked a hand-off on the end-around, then pitched it to De'Vion Moore, who got the edge, and took it up the left sideline and got into the end zone. Blaine hit L'Damian Washington in the right front corner of the end zone. Washington made an acrobatic one-handed catch of the ball thrown behind him. Moe made a reception in the left seam, and turned it up for a short gain. Gachkar, Kenji Jackson, and Resonno were in on the tackle out along the sideline. Gachkar broke up Blaine's pass attempt near the goal line, and Kenji Jackson came up with the tipped ball for the interception. Blaine forced that one into double coverage. Derrick Washington took a pitch around the left side, and sped for the end zone. Kip Edwards met him at the one, but Washington stiff-armed him, and got the pylon. Aldon Smith burst around the edge, and tackled Blaine for a sack.

James Franklin found Bud Sasser out in the right seam area. Kenronte Walker came up to make the stop. Franklin scrambled out to the right and found Sasser out along the right sideline. Andrew Gachkar was in the coverage. E.J. Gaines came up near the line of scrimmage, and knocked Henry Josey off of his feet. Franklin hit Jaleel Clark in the right hash area for a nice gain. Gaines was right there to make the stop.

Kendial Lawrence took a swing pass out along the right side from Ashton Glaser, and took it up field for a nice gain. Glaser faked a hand-off to Josey, and took it up inside for a nice gain.

Jimmy Costello found Eric Waters on a slip screen, but Braylon Webb arrived with the ball, and knocked it loose.

Tyler Gabbert scrambled out of the front of the pocket, and Kony Ealy peeled back inside to make the stop. Tyler under threw Eric Waters out in the left hash area. Kony Ealy came across and tackled Greg White, who was trying to get the edge. Tyler hooked up with Marcus Lucas in the right back corner of the end zone. Nice throw and catch!

There is a practice scheduled for this afternoon.

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