Josey Brings It Every Day

Talented freshman running back Henry Josey has excelled in pre-season camp

Recently, ShowMeMizzou spoke with freshman TB, Henry Josey 5'9" 179 4.35 about how fall camp has been treating him, and about how he feels he's been doing.

"Every day, I come out here with a positive attitude," said Josey. "It's going real good for me. I love the competition of it, that's most of all. I'm just working (my way) in with them. They're moving faster. They're tougher. They're hitting harder. And, I just got to bring it every day."

Josey said that he's used to catching the football.

"I was everywhere on the field in high school," said Josey. "I'm used to (catching the football). Transitioning here is the same. I just got to be thinking quick. I'm (most comfortable) with the swing passes and the slants and all that. That's mostly what we (TBs) catch. (They're) just getting us into the open field. I'm just ready to run (after I catch it)."

Josey pointed out that he and fellow freshman Marcus Murphy have become good friends, and hang out together when they're off the field.

Josey talked about his part in the return game.

"Special teams," began Josey. "I'm looking forward to doing it. If I get the chance to do it, I'm going to step up to the plate and handle my responsibility on kick returns and punt returns. I'll do it."

I asked Henry Josey if he's pretty good at returns.

"Yeah," replied Josey. "I'm good at it. In open space, I'm shifty out there."

Josey talked about the anticipation of possibly playing in St. Louis when the Tigers open against Illinois.

"I'm excited about it," said Josey. "I'm really ready. If I get a chance to play and go out there, I'm going to do what I can. (I'll be) nervous, but being nervous helps you to play, too. So, it's all good."

Recently, I heard Coach Pinkel describe Henry Josey and Marcus Murphy as having "phenomenal quickness". Josey has what the coaches refer to as a "burst".

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