Demien Adjusting to College Ball

Missouri freshman talks about his camp experience and moving inside along the line

After a recent practice, ShowMeMizzou was able to visit with freshman offensive lineman Nick Demien 6'6" 295 about his pre-season camp experience.

"It's work," said Demien of his camp experience. "It's definitely work. But, it's fun. It's good to be out there. It's exciting to get in there and be with the older guys, and compete. There's definitely fun in it. The work comes first, and the fun comes second. But, there's definitely a lot of fun in it. The work is just making sure that you have your assignments down, just knowing what you need to do. The fun is where you just get to go and smash into people. That's the best part about football."

"I was kind of expecting to come in and play somewhere on the inside," said Demien. "I didn't think they were going to put me on the outside right away. It's a change (from high school). It's just adjusting, in general. Hopefully, I'm getting the hang of it. I enjoy any spot out there that I get to smash into people."

I asked Nick how he's doing at snapping the ball.

"They've talked to me a little bit about snapping the ball," replied Demien. "I don't really know. I've practiced with the snappers in the morning. I'd say they're (snaps) iffy. I wouldn't say that they're (snaps) excellent."

Demien is currently listed fourth on the depth chart at the right guard position. He addressed some of his goals for this camp.

"Definitely trying to move up," said Demien. "Everybody's trying to find their place in the offensive line."

He talked about what he needs to do to realize his goals.

"Definitely for me, making sure I have my assignments down, and my techniques are down pat," said Demien. "That probably goes across the board for all of the freshmen, making sure that they know what they're doing, making sure that their techniques are right. Just, you know, everything that makes up an offensive lineman for his position."

Demien said that he's "holding up well," in the heat, and that his conditioning is "OK".

Demien said that he likes having two offensive line coaches, and talked about an "extra set of eyes" to help him improve, and that the ability to divide up into two groups allows for everyone to get in more work in the same amount of time.

He also talked about how much help it is when the veteran players mentor the younger guys.

"It's great! They definitely help us as much as they can." said Demien.

He talked about his goals for this fall.

"Definitely, I think that everybody's freshmen goal is to move up on that depth chart," explained Demien. "That's a big goal for me, being able to move up and maybe get on that travel team................ Get out there and show what I can do."

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