Morse Moves Up The Ladder

True freshman Offensive Lineman Mitch Morse has made the most of pre-season camp

After a recent practice, Missouri freshman OL Mitch Morse 6'6" 282 4.9 took time to visit with ShowMeMizzou. He talked about his recent promotion to the number two offensive unit.

"I'm having a great day! You know, I'm trying to work my butt off," said the ultra-athletic Morse. "I guess the coaches think that I have a chance of getting up with the twos. That's great! I'm really thrilled! All I can really do right now is just work my butt off as hard as I can."

Morse started out working at right tackle, and is now working at both right guard and right tackle. Morse is very athletic, and has pretty good strength and technique for a freshman. It looks like Morse will begin the season with the second unit, but it's unclear if he'll actually play this year. He's probably viewed by the staff as the number four guard.

Morse reports a 32" vertical from recent testing. He admitted that he's a little light right now, but said, "That's something we're working on."

Morse talked about the help that he's been getting from his teammates, including his "big brothers", Jayson Palmgren and Dan Hoch, among others.

"It's definitely a faster-paced game," said Morse. "But at the same time, you have guys trying to help you out.............. As a whole group, we're trying to become better as a football team............. It's just the camaraderie of the team is definitely there."

Morse is excited about the approaching opener.

"Two weeks is going to go by fast," remarked Morse. "It's going to be worth all of this work running into that dome with all of my teammates, side by side. It's going to be good. It's going to be fun. We're focused. Our first goal is beating Illinois. And, running into that dome is going to be great!"

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