Wednesday Practice Report

Tigers have a light practice as they prepare for their last scrimmage on Thursday

The Missouri Tigers went through a very light practice this afternoon on the grass fields. Equipped with helmets and shoulder pads, the Tigers practiced for a little under two hours, in what was basically repetitions for everyone, with very little contact. The addition of more than a dozen new walk-ons lengthened the lines and decreased the number of reps each player was able to get in.

There's only one new injury to report. Beau Brinkley fell yesterday during a pass play, and injured his shoulder. He watched today, wearing a red jersey and with his arm in a sling. De'Vion Moore, Jerrell Jackson, Jimmy Hunt, Kerwin Stricker, Mark Hill, Adam Burton, Tony Randolph, and Jarrell Harrison each wore red, and watched the action on the field.

Coach Pinkel talked about Brinkley's injury, about today's practice, and about how he wants to get his players' legs back under them heading into game week.

"(Beau Brinkley) has a sprained shoulder," began Coach Pinkel. "We'll see. Hopefully, we'll get him back. Jared Perry had the same thing and played an entire season. Didn't miss a game. Beau's a pretty tough guy............. We're concerned more with him getting back as a snapper."

"Overall, it was good work," Coach Pinkel continued. "We had a real good practice yesterday, and we came back today with shoulder pads. We didn't thud. We tagged. It's more of a little mental load taken off, and another thing is, we have to start getting our players' legs back. It's going to be game week."

Tomorrow's scrimmage will be the shortest of camp, and established starters probably won't see many plays. The guys at the bottom of the depth chart won't see much action either. The focus will be on the second and third team guys, especially those in close competition for a spot on the two-deep.

During the 1-on-1 pass-rush drills, Lucas Vincent beat Nick Demien with an athletic and powerful move, losing his helmet in the process. Robert Luce blocked Marvin Foster. Tim Barnes picked up a win over Terrell Resonno. Jacquies Smith ripped his way past Austin Wuebbels. Wuebbels came back and did a good job, with a win over Dominique Hamilton. Barnes stone-walled Jimmy Burge.

During 11-on-11 action, Derrick Washington took an inside hand-off from Blaine Gabbert over the right side for a nice gain. Blaine found Kendial Lawrence with a swing pass out in the right flat. Jeff Gettys and Andrew Wilson were right there with the stop, after only a short gain. Blaine hit Derrick Washington with a swing pass out in the left flat. Washington turned it up the sideline, where he was met by Kip Edwards and Jasper Simmons. T.J. Moe took a pass from Blaine out along the right sideline, and turned it up for a score. Moe came back with an end around for a nice gain.

Derrick Washington took a hand-off from James Franklin, and cut it up inside, running untouched into the secondary. Franklin hit Michael Egnew with a quick swing pass out in the left flat. Zaviar Gooden and Jasper Simmons ran Egnew out of bounds. Henry Josey took a Franklin hand-off over the left side for a nice gain. Franklin found L'Damian Washington out along the right sideline for a first down. Marcus Murphy took it around the left side. Murph got the edge, and picked up the first down. Franklin hit Marcus Lucas right in stride up the right seam. E.J. Gaines was right there, and quickly made the stop. Later, Lucas showed off some of his open-field ability, as he took another Franklin pass right in stride, this time on a shallow cross, and worked his way up and across the field for a big gain.

Ashton Glaser completed a pass to Andrew Jones out along the right sideline, near the first down marker. Glaser scrambled right, then threw back across to the left hash, where Eric Waters hauled it in and picked up a first down.

Tyler Gabbert found Jaleel Clark out in the right flat. Will Ebner and E.J. Gaines were there for the stop. later, Tyler dropped back, then took off up the middle on a QB draw.

A couple of guys who caught my eye today were Marcus Lucas and E.J. Gaines. Often pitted against each other, these two have been performing well of late, and will be trying to impress in tomorrow's scrimmage. Either or both of them could play this year. That decision may hinge on how they do in the final scrimmage.

A chance to play is probably on the line over at right guard, where freshmen Mitch Morse and Nick Demien are in the running for a second team spot.

With De'Vion Moore still injured, Henry Josey has a real good chance of playing early.

I think Bud Sasser's done enough already. Ditto for Darvin Ruise.

And of course, James Franklin will be the back-up QB, and will see game action.

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