Scrimmage Ends Pre-Season Camp

Tigers end pre-season camp with their last scrimmage and some bad news on the day

The Missouri Tigers conducted their final scrimmage of fall camp this afternoon on Faurot Field. The afternoon began with a kick to the gut for Tiger nation, with the news that senior co-captain and starting TB, Derrick Washington, who had been having the run of his life this fall, has been suspended indefinitely for disciplinary reasons.

A somber mood turned sullen, when on what turned out to be the final play of the afternoon, senior CB Munir Prince was knocked unconscious and lay motionless on the turf, following a blindside hit during a live punt coverage situation. Prince was immediately tended to by team physicians, and he was eventually loaded onto a stretcher, and removed to the hospital. Prince's teammates and the Missouri coaching staff gathered around their fallen teammate. Many took a knee, and prayed.

Afterward, coaches and players struggled to find anything to say. Coach Pinkel briefly addressed the media.

"(Munir) did get knocked out," said a concerned and distracted Coach Pinkel.

Less than an hour after practice was over, Coach Pinkel reported from the hospital that Munir has feeling in all of his limbs.

Coach Pinkel talked about today's scrimmage.

"As far as the scrimmage is concerned," began Coach Pinkel. "I thought overall, the ones.............. (It's) kind of really unimportant now. Ones, I think overall, on both sides, did a good job. I thought we got a lot of work done."

The scrimmage opened with some kick-offs. Marcus Murphy and Henry Josey returned the initial kicks, working with what appeared to be the second return unit. Trey Barrow appears to be a strong candidate to handle the kick-offs, although Grant Ressel is improved in that area from a year ago.

Blaine Gabbert completed a pass just outside the right hash mark to T.J. Moe that moved the chains. Jeff Gettys burst through and blew up a run play, tackling Kendial Lawrence in the backfield. Blaine hit Michael Egnew on a deep cross for about a twenty yard gain. Kenronte Walker was in on the stop. Blaine faked a hand-off, then hit T.J. Moe sitting down in the right seam. Moe turned it up for nine yards. Henry Josey took an inside hand-off, and took it around the side for a first down. Blaine hit Brandon Gerau on a post for a big gain down inside the ten. A couple of carries later, and Kendial Lawrence walked in untouched over the left side.

James Franklin took over on the 27 yard line, and found Henry Josey with a swing pass out in the left flat for about four yards. Aldon Smith quickly got around Kirk Lakebrink, got into the backfield, and sacked Franklin.

Marcus Murphy took an Ashton Glaser pitch, and picked up about six yards.

Jimmy Costello found Marcus Murphy sitting down near the right hash for about six yards. Costello's pass deep down the right sideline fell incomplete. Kip Edwards had tight coverage on Rolandis Woodland, and never really allowed Woodland to get into the route.

Non-participants due to injury included Jimmie Hunt, Kerwin Stricker, Jerrell Jackson, Beau Brinkley, De'Vion Moore, Jarrell Harrison, Adam Burton, Tony Randolph, and Mark Hill.

Blaine Gabbert came back in, and hit Egnew just outside the left hash mark. Egnew turned it up for a first down. He beat Jeff Gettys on the play. Egnew beat Andrew Wilson, and hauled in another pass from Blaine, this one up the right hash for a first down. T.J. Moe was sitting down in the right seam, and took a pass from Blaine and turned it up for another first down. Kenronte Walker was in the coverage.

James Franklin and Wes Kemp were not on the same page, as Franklin's pass fell incomplete. Franklin put together a couple of nice drives. Josey took a pitch from Franklin around the right side for about five yards. Franklin hit Egnew in the left hash area for a first down. Moe took a hand-off, and picked up about five yards around the right side. Kendial Lawrence followed blocks from Moe and Woodland, and took it in for the score. Later, operating the hurry-up offense, Franklin found Gahn McGaffie out along the left side for about three yards. Franklin hit Josey with a swing pass out along the right side. Josey turned it up for a first down. Franklin found McGaffie on a slip screen, and McGaffie came up just short of the first down. Franklin's pitch attempt to Murphy fell to the ground as an incomplete pass. On the next play, Franklin and Murphy timed the pitch perfectly, and Murphy took it around the left side for a first down and more. Franklin hit Woodland near the right hash for a first down.

Scrimmage Stats Scoring

Kendial Lawrence 1 yd run

Kendial Lawrence 11 yd run

Passing Blaine Gabbert: 9-11, 121 yds Ashton Glaser: 9-14, 101 yds Jimmy Costello: 8-12, 52 yds James Franklin: 8-12, 51 yds Tyler Gabbert: 8-of-11, 46 yds

Rushing (rushes-yds) Kendial Lawrence: 4-11, 2 TD Henry Josey: 4-8 Ashton Glaser: 1-8 Jared Culver: 1-8 Marcus Murphy: 5-7 Blaine Gabbert: 1-6 Greg White: 2-4 Tyler Gabbert: 1-2

Receiving (receptions-yds) Michael Egnew: 4-65 Gahn McGaffie: 8-60 Henry Josey: 5-44 Greg White: 2-38 T.J. Moe: 3-35 Marcus Lucas: 5-33 Rolandis Woodland: 2-25 Eric Waters: 3-22 Brandon Gerau: 1-18 Jaleel Clark: 2-15 Marcus Murphy: 3-7 L'Damian Washington: 1-7 Andrew Jones: 1-6 Bud Sasser: 1-4 Kendial Lawrence: 1-3

Field Goals

Grant Ressel: 4-of-5 (Made: 32, 36, 39, 43) Trey Barrow: 3-of-5 (Made: 35, 32, 43)

Punting (Punts-Yds) Christian Brisner: 2-81 (Avg.: 40.5) Trey Barrow: 2-84 (Avg.: 44.0) Matt Grabner: 1-30(Avg.: 30.0)

Defense Aldon Smith: 1 Sack, 1 TFL Marcus Malbrough: 1 Sack, 1 FF Terrell Ressono: 1 QBH Robert Steeples: 1 TFL Andrew Gachkar: 1 PBU Zavier Gooden: 1 PBU Dominique Hamilton: 1 TFL Darvin Ruise: 1 PBU Jacquies Smith: 1 TFL Kony Ealy: 1 Sack Lucas Vincent: 1 Sack Brayden Burnett: 1 FR Michael Sam: 1 TFL Andrew Wilson: 1 TFL

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