Pinkel Addresses Media For Game Week

Coach Pinkel addresses the media about the coming season and recent off field events

On Monday, Missouri Tiger Coach Pinkel answered questions from the media. He gave an injury report to supplement the newly-released game week depth chart. He said that Munir Prince is doing well, and that he'll undergo another battery of tests in a couple of weeks. Coach Pinkel indicated that at that time, a decision will be made regarding Munir's future.

Donovan Bonner had surgery on his knee, and will be red-shirted this year.

Jarrell Harrison is "doing very well", according to Coach Pinkel. He's listed second on the depth chart at strong safety. They'll monitor his knee this week.

"Right now, he most likely will play," said Coach Pinkel of Harrison.

"Jerrell Jackson has just had a great recovery," said Coach Pinkel. "He will play with a small cast on his hand."

Jackson is listed as the starter at the X WR position. The other starters are Wes Kemp (Z) and T.J. Moe (H).

De'Vion Moore is expected to play on Saturday, and is listed, along with Kendial Lawrence, as a co-starter at the TB position.

Coach Pinkel talked about which true freshmen are slated to play this season.

James Franklin is the back-up QB, and according to Coach Pinkel, "he's definitely going to play."

Coach Pinkel named Henry Josey, Marcus Murphy, Eric Waters, Marcus Lucas, and E.J. Gaines as players who will play this season. He indicated that "there are five or six others" who are under consideration for playing time this year.

Lucas is listed third at the Z WR position, behind Wes Kemp and Brandon Gerau. This is a position switch for Lucas, who worked exclusively at the X WR spot during fall camp.

Bud Sasser is listed third at the H WR spot, behind Moe and Gahn McGaffie. It appears that Sasser is among that "five or six" under consideration. Anthony Gatti is listed number two at left tackle, and Mitch Morse is listed second at right guard. They are clearly among those "five or six".

Nick Demien and WLB Darvin Ruise are not listed on the current depth chart. Josh Tatum has moved ahead of Ruise since last Thursday, and is listed as Zaviar Gooden's back-up.

Brad Madison is listed as the number one long-snapper, and Marcus Murphy is listed as the number two kick returner, behind Jasper Simmons, and as the number three punt returner, behind Carl Gettis and Kip Edwards. Coach Pinkel talked about Murphy as a return man.

"Marcus Murphy's a guy that really looks good," said Coach Pinkel. "(He's) a guy that I think, that as we go and give him some opportunities as the season goes, he could move into that role. He's got a little different level of speed and quickness."

Coach Pinkel also mentioned that T.J. Moe is going to begin training as a holder for placements.

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