Making Gaines As A Freshman

It looks like true freshman cornerback E.J. Gaines has made a case for paying this season

After a recent practice, Missouri freshman CB Edwin Gaines (E.J. to you and I) 5'10" 180 4.4 39" vertical took time to visit with ShowMeMizzou, and talked about how his first fall camp is going.

"I'm feeling real good," said Gaines. "The team's out here working hard................ When you're out here hitting on each other every day, you're going to be a little beat up, bumps and bruises, but you still have to come out here everyday and perform."

Gaines said that he's "doing all right" with learning his assignments, and catching on to the various techniques associated with his position.

Gaines is one of the freshmen under consideration as a returner, and talked about all of the return men who have come to Missouri in his freshmen class.

"There's a lot of guys with speed out there," said Gaines. "Coach is just trying to make the best out of it."

Gaines has been working with the second and third team defense.

Recently, Coach Pinkel talked about E.J. Gaines.

"E.J.'s been doing a lot of good things," said the Missouri Head Coach. "He really is. There's so many things that go into the equation of whether to use a player. It has to do with your depth. It has to do with maturity. It has to do with all of those things. There's four or five criteria that you look at. He certainly has the potential to be a really, really high-level player. And, it's pretty exciting."

At yesterday's media address Coach Pinkel mentioned that E.J Gaines would likley play this year as a true freshman. I would say that his camp went pretty well.

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