Hamilton Ready To Go To Work

Missouri junior defensive lineman is focused on the job he has to do this season

Missouri junior Dominique Hamilton spoke with ShowMeMizzou for a few minutes on Monday afternoon, as the starting defensive tackle was preparing for the Tigers' season opener this Saturday against Illinois.

Hamilton talked about preparing for the season opener.

"As far as the defense," began Hamilton, "I feel like we've been preparing so much. If you talk to most of the guys on the defense, we're like, we can't wait until September 4th. Everybody's saying the same thing. September 4th! September 4th! You can see the preparation in practice. I mean, we were even jumping on the scout team guys, just yesterday, because we felt like they weren't going hard enough, as hard as we want them to go. Because, we feel a lot of passion in this. We want to go into Illinois and we want to dominate, basically. And, I feel like we should dominate."

"The defense, I feel as a whole," continued Hamilton, "I feel like we've been playing real good. This defense, I think everybody's got experience. Of course, we don't have Spoon, but everybody's coming back with experience. I feel like everybody knows what to do. Everybody knows their job, knows their responsibility. If everybody does their job, and does they're responsibility, there's no way we shouldn't be good this year."

Hamilton talked about how he and his good friend, Terrell Resonno, challenge each other, and try to out do each other on the field.

"It's kind of like we work off of each other," explained Hamilton. "It's a competition between us, but then again, it's not. We got that friendship, so we can play around with it, with the whole thing. But you can be sure, if he goes out and gets a TFL, you can best believe, I'm going to go out and get one, too. We want to outshine each other, but we want each other to do well, too. It pushes both of us. We strive to be good."

Hamilton talked about Resonno's improvement as a player.

"He's a whole lot improved," said Hamilton. "You can see the spark, too. There's just like a fire in him, that wants to be good............... I think this year, he's got that spark in him. You can just tell. He's just flying around out there. He's going to be better than me, in my opinion."

Dominique likes the guys behind him, especially the linebackers, and mentioned that Jasper Simmons "is a beast". He indicated that he will have very few words for his teammates prior to the Illinois game.

"I'm going to say just one word," said Hamilton. "Focus up and do your job. I'm not big on all that talking. I just want everybody to do their job. Everybody do their job, and do what they're supposed to do, we should be alright."

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