ShowMeMizzouTV: DE Aldon Smith

Tiger standout DE talks about his new dedication, work ethetic and teammates

On Saturday, DE Aldon Smith had a monster game against Illinois. Here are Coach Pinkel's thoughts on him before the game and below a video interview we did with him last week.

"I thought Aldon had a really good year last year," said Coach Pinkel. "But, I don't think he's even close to what he's going to be. I think you've got a guy that's got great work ethic, and he's doing a lot of great things leadership-wise now on the team. I think people are recognizing that he made a lot of plays last year. But, he isn't close to his potential. The good news is that he's working hard................ He's very talented. But, the good news about him is that his work ethic matches it. And, he's just going to get better, and better." spoke with Tiger DE Aldon Smith last week before the Illini game and got his thoughts on his pre-season camp, this season and his teammates. Sorry for some lighting issues, but Aldon's thoughts are worth sharing in this exclusive video.

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