Coach Pinkel's Media Address

Tiger head coach addresses the latest team happenings, Illini win and McNeese St. coming up

On Monday, Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel addressed the media. He gave an injury report, and updated the depth chart, and talked about preparing to play McNeese State this Saturday.

Coach Pinkel indicated that Jasper Simmons will miss this week with a torn meniscus in his knee. He'll undergo surgery on Tuesday, and is expected to recover in a couple of weeks.

"Jasper Simmons will be out this week," said Coach Pinkel. "Possibly next week too.................. (It's) very similar to Jarrell Harrison's. Whether it'll be a week or two weeks, we're not sure."

Luke Lambert has a pulled hamstring, and will be out this week, as well. The timetable for his return is uncertain. Coach called it "a week to week type situation."

Will Ebner and Beau Brinkley are not listed on this week's depth chart, and it is presumed that they are continuing to serve suspensions.

As a result of the loss for this week of two LBs, Andrew Wilson will start at MLB, and Josh Tatum has been moved back over to the SLB, behind the starter, Andrew Gachkar. That means that freshman Darvin Ruise is listed second, behind Zaviar Gooden, at the WLB. Coach Pinkel indicated that Ruise will be prepared to play, but that they are going to try not to use him.,/p>

"We've got Darvin (Ruise) moved up there depth-wise," said Coach Pinkel. "Right now, we don't plan on playing him. We're going to get him ready to play the best we can................ Preparing Darvin for the possibility of playing is significant."

Neither Kendial Lawrence nor De'Vion Moore were listed among the injured, and are listed on the depth chart again as co-starters at TB. Coach talked about Henry Josey possibly getting more touches this week.In Simmons absence, Jarrell Harrison will start at safety, opposite Kenji Jackson. Tavon Bolden and Matt White are listed as the back-ups. Coach confirmed that the decision has been made to red-shirt Kenronte Walker. And, Trey Hobson is now listed as a safety. Coach said that Hobson could move back and forth between corner and safety.

Marcus Murphy has moved up to the number one kick-returner, and was pretty excited about the opportunity. He also indicated that he may see some action at TB this week.

"Well, he's just got great speed and quickness back there," said Coach Pinkel, regarding Marcus Murphy as a return man. "We eventually wanted to get him back there. Also, punts possibly, as we go into these next (pre-conference games). We'll look at and evaluate that. He's got great speed and quickness. He's very explosive. He's got great acceleration."

Coach Pinkel also intimated that they would like to red-shirt all of the freshmen offensive linemen.

Coach Pinkel talked about the running game, and the nearly 60-40 ratio of passes to runs last Saturday."The design that we have in our offense is we're going to throw the ball and open up running lanes," said Coach Pinkel. "And quite frankly, if we look at the number of people in the box, and if they've got extra people in the box, we'll keep throwing. So, that's just what we're going to do. That's all about numbers."

On McNeese State, Coach Pinkel had this to say today.

"Hopefully, we're trying to become a better football team," said Coach Pinkel. "We have great respect for McNeeese State. It would not be wise to not prepare properly for this game. It also reflects a lot about your football team. This is as important as any game on our schedule."

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