Navy Coach, Other Non-AQs Should Vote TCU #1

If Auburn beats Oregon in the BCS Championship Game, a dream scenario could have the coach of their bitter rival, Alabama's Nick Saban, cast the 30th first place vote for TCU in the coaches poll to force a split title. It sounds a bit foolhardy but a coalition of non-AQ coaches as well as BCS coaches who lost to TCU (but not Auburn) could help make it happen. How great would that be?

The list below represents 31 of the 59 coaches who will vote in the final USA Today Coaches Poll. In order to help send a much needed shockwave through college football and help bring about a playoff, 30 of these 31 coaches would have to vote TCU #1.  If Auburn beats Oregon, the path to this scenario is a little bit easier because it would include Nick Saban endearing himself to Alabama fans forever by delivering a split title. If Oregon wins, either New Mexico's Mike Locksley or Oregon State's Mike Riley would have to conclude that TCU's victory over their team was more impressive than the Ducks. Not a stretch by any means, but I like the irony of Saban casting the 30th and deciding vote.

Here is a brief snapshot of who these coaches are and how they could rationalize voting for the Horned Frogs.

- 26 were head coaches at non-AQ schools (like TCU) when the season began and should bond with their fellow non-AQ member.

- 5 of them lost to TCU by an average score of 37-9 and never faced either Oregon or Auburn. They should be ashamed if they don't vote TCU #1.

- 4 of them are currently unemployed including one who was recently incarcerated. They all have nothing to lose by joining this coalition.

- 1 of them (Robb Akey) already voted TCU #1. So dropping the Horned Frogs after they beat the #4 team would be inexcusable.

Of course there is a little hurdle that any coach who votes TCU #1 would have to overcome. They are all members of the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) which recognizes the winner of the BCS title game as the #1 team. However that did not stop Utah coach Kyle Whittingham from voting his Utes #1 after they went undefeated in 2008. And the last time I checked Whittingham was still a member of the AFCA and in good standing.

It is amazing how little discussion there has been in the college football world about who the #1 team should be come January 10. In fact, after the Rose Bowl not one commentator brought up the controversy that should ensue now that there will be two undefeated teams at the end of the season. And much to my disappointment, TCU's players never really promoted their team as having a right to be called national champions after the game. It's as if some BCS big wig told TCU's president and athletic director that their portion of the $18 million payout from the Rose Bowl will be withheld if the word "playoff" or phrase "decided on the field" came out of the mouths of their coaches and players.  

I'm sure the coaches below will all take the easy path and cave to the BCS cartel members (as Mike Wilbon likes to refer to them) by voting either Auburn or Oregon #1. But for those of you, who like me, enjoy dreaming of a controversy that drives the BCS off a cliff, here are the coaches who we need to vote TCU the best team in the land on Jan. 10 to help make that a reality.

1. Robb Akey – Idaho (Voted TCU #1 in Final Regular Season Poll)

2. David Bailiff – Rice (Non-AQ)

3. Tim Beckman – Toledo (Non-AQ)

4. Todd Berry – Louisiana-Monroe*

5. Dave Christensen – Wyoming (Lost to TCU 45-0)

6. Todd Dodge – North Texas (Fired)

7. Sonny Dykes – Louisiana Tech (Non-AQ)

8. Dan EnosCentral Michigan (Non-AQ)

9. Steve Fairchild – Colorado State (Lost to TCU 27-0)

10. Larry Fedora – Southern Mississippi (Non-AQ)

11. Al Golden – Temple (Non-AQ)

12. Mike Haywood – Miami (Arrested)

13. Jerry Kill – Northern Illinois (Non-AQ)

14. Mike Locksley – New Mexico (Lost to TCU 66-17)**

15. Bill Lynch – Indiana (Fired)

16. Mike MacIntyre – San Jose State (Non-AQ)

17. Ken NiumataloloNavy (Non-AQ)

18. George O'Leary – Central Florida (Non-AQ)

19. Chris Peterson – Boise State (Non-AQ)

20. Bret BielemaWisconsin (Lost to TCU 21-19)

21. Larry Porter – Memphis (Non-AQ)

22. Jeff QuinnBuffalo (Non-AQ)

23. Rich RodriguezMichigan (Fired)

24. Howard Schnellenberger – Florida Atlantic (Non-AQ)

25. Rick StockstillMiddle Tenn. State (Non-AQ)

26. Kevin Sumlin – Houston (Non-AQ)

27. Bob Toledo – Tulane (Non-AQ)

28. Kyle Whittingham – Utah (Lost to TCU 47-7)

29. Art BrilesBaylor (Lost to TCU 45-10 but voted them #4)

30. Mike Riley – Oregon State (Lost to TCU 30-21)***

31. Nick Saban – Alabama ****


* Louisiana-Monroe lost to Auburn 52-3.

** New Mexico also lost to Oregon 72-0, but Locksley did vote TCU #2.

*** Oregon State also lost to Oregon 37-20.

***Alabama lost to Auburn 28-27. Top Stories