When it's Miller Time, will Trey be ready?

If Navy starting quarterback Kriss Proctor is not behind center for whatever reason this year, sophomore Trey Miller will be in the spotlight like never before. If recent history is any indication, ‘Miller Time' may not be too far away. As Navy fans hope for a healthy season out of Proctor, they must also be wondering: Who is Miller? And is he ready? Heck, is he even the clear No. 2 at QB?

Earlier in fall camp, Navy offensive coordinator didn't see absolutely sure that Trey Miller was the clear number two quarterback for the Mids. "I don't think the gap between (Jarvis) Cummings and Miller is that far. I'm very confident in Jarvis. He's dropped weight – he looks faster.

The thing with Jarvis, he was an option quarterback in high school. So it's like riding a bike for him. He just has to continue to come along. I can see Jarvis in the mix as well," said Jasper.

"Now Trey had a bad practice the other day – so hopefully he can improve. If he keeps going down that route, I think Jarvis could be playing a lot more. I want to bring him along as well." When asked if it was possible that Cummings and Miller could split reps with the second team, Jasper said earlier in camp that was indeed a possibility.

For Navy's head coach, Ken Niumatalolo, regardless of which quarterback solidifies himself at the number two position, he isn't worried – not because of their overwhelming talent – but because of who they are learning from.

"I know who their coach is. There is no better option coach in the country than Ivin Jasper. I know he will have them ready," said Niumatalolo. That's not to say that he hasn't seen some flashes of talent out of Miller.

"Trey is untested but we have seen what he can do in practice. I know what kind of ability he has. I have seen him perform in scrimmages, so I don't worry about that," said Niumatalolo.

"If (Jasper) was trying to teach me to go play quarterback now, we'd be in trouble. I mean I run a 6.0 flat, but for Trey, I'm excited because he has the tools and the guy coaching him is really good at what he does."

All things considered though, Jasper would obviously much prefer having two guys who have been in the line of fire already when it counts. "Like every fall, it's always good to have two (experienced quarterbacks). Now with Trey Miller, it was kind of where Kriss was going into the 09 season. In the spring of 09, Ricky was going to be the starter and we didn't know how Kriss was going to react but that spring Kriss came out and showed a lot of toughness. There was one practice when blood was everywhere and he is just wiping it away and getting back in there and playing. So we knew that we had a kid that future-wise would be good for us," said Jasper. "Now with Trey, Trey is a real quiet kid…he doesn't say much. He kind of had a deer in headlights kind of day the other day at practice…hopefully he will calm down. He had a really good spring, but he still has a ways to go," continued Jasper.

Jasper knows all too well the recent history and the importance of making sure that Miller doesn't experience any stage fright if his number is called.

"Since 2006 when Hampton went down…Kaipo came in…Kaipo goes down, Bryant stepped in…it's been that way for the past few seasons. Hopefully we can get back to having one guy run the table but again we always pride ourselves on having two guys. So we have to make sure Kriss and Trey are ready to go," said Jasper.

Of course a lot of focus this spring has been on who the number two quarterback will be since Proctor is clearly the starter. However, Proctor's passing last season didn't exactly bring out comparisons to Ricky Dobbs.

"I put that on Kriss. Kriss can throw the football. It's just a matter of his mechanics. We don't have a lot of time to work on that stuff (in practice). We are a running football team. But the kid spent a lot of time over the summer working on his passing game. I kind of see Kriss like Kaipo going into his senior year. Kaipo wasn't a great thrower, but Kaipo worked on it and came back and was a very effective thrower for us. I see Kriss being the same way," explained Jasper.

For what Proctor may lack in the way of throwing, according to Jasper, he more than makes up for with his legs.

"He can run. We are going to be a lot faster on offense, I can tell you that. This spring and summer the staff got together and we talked about how we can make the offense more diverse and help (Kriss) be more effective running and passing."

Proctor has also done a good job of digesting the no-huddle offense which Navy debuted against Missouri in the 2009 Texas Bowl and continued at times last season. In fact, Jasper is looking to take the no-huddle to new heights if possible. "It's pretty good for us. The thing now is to refine it even more – take it to another level, almost like Peyton Manning-like where you can go to the line at the last second and snap the ball with one second on the clock. We are doing that. We are going to try to make people prepare for it. Try to make us more difficult to defend," said Jasper.

This offense can be just as good as any we have had (at Navy). I have my job and the players have their job. They have to come out focused, play hard, and take care of the football. If we all do our jobs, we will be successful," concluded Jasper.

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