Army vs Navy, 1955

1955 was the year of Red Blaik's "Great Quarterback" Experiment. Faced without a proven quarterback since Pete Vann had graduated earlier that spring, Blaik remained in a quandry. "Who do I play at QB for my team this season?" The Master came up with the idea that he would take his best athlete on the team and place him at the position. That job fell to All-American End Don Holleder. Was Holleder up to the task? He was most certainly up to that task.

Sailors cold until the game was in the bag. They solved Navy's new defense for this game, a wlde 6-2. And they hammered Navy's weak spots relentlessly.

Heroes on both sides were numerous. Besides Uebel, Holleder and Lash, there was Dick Murtland, who piled up yardage on the dive play; Chesnauskas at right end, Flay Goodwin and Stan Slater at the guards and Dick Stephenson at tackle.

For Navy, it was Welsh, as expected, who overshadowed his teammates with his passing. His 18 for 29 and 176 yards was a great effort. Ron Beagle was tremendous at left end. So were John Hopkins at left tackle, Dick Guest at fullback, Wilson Whitmire at center and Ned Oldham at halfback.

Navy's Score

At the outset Navy looked like even more than the one touchdown favorite it was. The Sailors won the toss, received the kickoff and went all the way without giving up the ball. Welsh threw his first pass from his own 30-yard line to Beagle and it brought a first down on the Navy 38. Even a 15-yard penalty couldn't stop the Tars. Welsh more than made it up by throwing to Gober, moving the ball to midfield.

Gober, Guest and Oldham ran to the 35, from where Gober got away and in two efforts reached the Army 12. With the running game momentarily clogged, Welsh threw to Guest in the flat for a first down on the 1, and on the next play sneaked over through guard for the touchdown. With Welsh holding the ball, Oldham's' kick for the seventh point went to the left of the posts and it was 6-0.

At the moment that missed point didn't seem important, but it grew larger as the game went on. Navy fumbled and Slater; recovered for Army on the 21.

From there the, Soldiers battered and smashed their way to the clinching touchdown in four plays. Uebel, Murtland and Holleder took the biggest bites until Uebel reached Navy's 23-yard line. At that point Lash started inside Navy's vulnerable right tackle, slid around when the hole jammed, and went all the way.

Only 3 minutes, 45 seconds were left at that time, and when the final whistle shrilled with Army again on the march, Cadet elation knew no bounds. A wave of gray surged on the field, engulfed the Army player and swept them to the Navy side of the field. When It reversed, it bore Holleder on its shoulders, then Uebel, then Chesnauskas, and all but carried them to the dressing room exit. This was the 29th Army victory in the series, to 23 for Navy and four ties.


LE-Johnson, Saunders
LG-Slater, Bishop
C--Szvtecz, Kernan
RG-Goodwin, Shannon
RE-Chesnauskis, Butterfield
RH-Lash, Zeigler


LG-Dander, Mohn
C--Whitmire, Wood
RG-Stremic, Hower
RT-McCooL Royer
RE-Owen, Smith
LH-Oldham, Malynn
RH-Burchett, Gober
FB-Guest, Monto

NAVY	6  0	0  0  -  6
ARMY    0  0    7  7  -  14

ARMY- - Touchdowns: Uebel (4-yard Plunge) ; Lash (23-yard run) 
.Conversions: Chesnauskas 2.

Navy- - Touchdown: Welsh (1-yard sneak) Top Stories