Spurrier Not Worried About Navy…Yet

Less than 24 hours after his team survived an upset bid at the hands of Georgia, South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier didn't have much to say about Navy. That's only because he was too busy worrying about how his Gamecocks were going to correct the mistakes which almost cost them the game Saturday.

"We were extremely fortunate to come out and win the game yesterday," said Spurrier, whose South Carolina team hung on to defeat Georgia 45-42 after defensive lineman Melvin Ingram returned an Aaron Murray fumble five yards for a touchdown late in the fourth quarter. "We've got a lot of work to do, and we're not a very good team right now."

"I don't know if we can get better or not," continued Spurrier, before adding, "we'll see if we can improve before getting ready for Navy this week."

Speaking during his weekly media teleconference, Spurrier mentioned he'd yet to watch much tape on his team's next opponent, but did comment that he anticipated the kind of game he has experienced against two of South Carolina's past FCS opponents.

"I haven't watched a bunch of Navy yet, but I sort of guess they are like a lot of teams that have athletes that play almost assignment perfect ball," Spurrier said. "When you play Navy you know their guys are going to play as hard as they can. It's like playing Wofford or Furman. Their players, they don't make many mistakes and they try real hard."

The option based Wofford Terriers gave South Carolina a 27-20 scare in 2006 and a 23-13 scare in 2008. Last year, the Furman Paladins – who do not run a flexbone option based attack like Navy (2-0) runs – fell to South Carolina 38-19. Spurrier, while not familiar with this year's Navy team, was quick to point out that his team would not be able to just "show up" to beat Navy next Saturday.

"You've got to beat them because they don't beat themselves," he said. "It's going to be a tough game. Every time we play one of those teams that runs that option it's been difficult for us, so we've got to come ready to play ready to play, or it could be a long night here."

Does the combination of an emotional South Carolina win and a hungry Navy visit make for the perfect recipe for an early season letdown from the Gamecocks? Spurrier doesn't seem to think so, if only because his team "isn't good enough for a letdown."

South Carolina's coaches will go back into the film room to take a look at the Midshipmen, but for now, the Head Ball Coach and his players will be looking to solve the miscues which nearly them an early season SEC game.

"We've got a long way to go if we think we're a decent team," Spurrier, before sarcastically adding, "we don't look like Tom Brady and New England out there, that's for sure."

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