‘Winners' if Navy joins the Big East

A lot of Navy fans are predicting the worst if the Midshipmen do as expected and join the Big East Conference in football. The official invitation could be extended as early as this week. Heck, it may have already been extended as I am writing this on Wednesday night. But don't fear Navy fans, joining the Big East isn't all bad.

To prove that Navy joining the Big East could have some actual benefits, I've gone ahead and listed the   ‘Winners' if this move actually does happen.

New Jersey – From the extremely active USNA parents' club to Navy fans who love visiting the J. Fenimore Cooper Service Plaza on the Turnpike, the Garden State is a big-time winner since the Midshipmen would be visiting Rutgers University five times each decade. Navy fans in the Annapolis area who don't already have an EZ Pass transponder will want to reconsider getting one.

Ivin Jasper – Winning 8 games a year, on average, hasn't gotten Navy's offensive coordinator the respect and job offers he deserves. If Navy finds a way to win the Big East, that will change fast for Jasper and others.

Fans of Easy Homecoming Games – Let the creampuffs get in line, and yes I am talking about the Fordham's and Western Carolina's of the world. Navy fans have ripped on Air Force for years for lining up the non-conference cupcakes to complement their MWC schedule. They may need to eat their words because I'd be surprised to see any more top-tier FCS teams on future schedules if Navy joins the Big East.

Florida – Since 2002, Navy has played a big whopping ZERO games in the Sunshine State. If Central Florida joins South Florida in the Big East, and in the same East Coast Division as Navy (as rumored), the Midshipmen would be spending a lot of time in the land of Mickey Mouse. Add to that the fact that a Big East bowl tie-in could also be in Florida and Navy fans may want to start loading up on the sunscreen.

Chet Gladchuk – Let's face it, his job gets substantially easier if Navy joins the Big East. Without bowl games, television deals, and scheduling to figure out, how will he spend all of his extra time? My wild guess is fundraising up and down the East Coast to expand Navy-Marine Corps Stadium to bring it in-line with the venues at other Big East schools.

Fans of a Service Academy Rematch – For the first time in the history of service academy football, the possibility of a rematch between Air Force and Navy would exist. If the Falcons and Midshipmen win their respective divisions, they could possibly meet for a second time in the same season in a Big East Championship Game…perhaps one week before (or after) the Army-Navy game. 

Every other sports team at Navy – I'm no accountant but if Big East Commissioner John Marinatto's decision to roll the dice on a new television contract pays off, even a depleted Big East Conference could be looking at a billion-dollar deal in 2013 and beyond. I'm not sure what Navy currently pulls in from its major revenue sources, but a billion dollars divided by twelve schools sounds like a lot. Can you say new uniforms for the water polo team…every year?

Picky Shoppers – Who knows what joining a conference would mean for the marketing folks at NAAA. As an independent they are currently responsible for every aspect of promoting the football team. Two things are for sure…the Big East will spend money to help market Navy…and Navy fans looking for stocking stuffers would have one more place to shop:  the Big East Fan Store.

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