Versatile DE Likes Navy over Air Force

One of the most asked recruiting questions for fans of service academy football is which school will come out on top in the head-to-head matchups. If one North Carolina standout's opinion rings true across the board, this year's winner might be Navy.

Gregory Milhouse has been steadily gathering attention from Division 1 schools for the past year, but it wasn't until the end of 2011 that his long awaited first Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) scholarship offers came in. Already sporting several Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) offers from schools like Richmond and Elon, Milhouse was offered scholarships by both the Air Force and Naval Academy within the first week of December. Since that time, the 6-foot-1, 235-pound lineman's interest has moved solidly in the direction of the Naval Academy. An All State and All Region selection on the offensive line, Milhouse is currently being recruited at defensive line by Navy defensive coordinator Buddy Green, and plans to visit the Naval Academy during the third week of January. I caught up with Milhouse this week, and found out why he favors Navy of Air Force, and which school could become an immediate favorite should it extend a scholarship offer.

I know you had a lot of interest from UCLA and were even expecting an offer. In November you told Scout you were hoping to visit UCLA, Western Michigan, and possibly Wake Forest. Have you followed up with any of those visits, and have any offers come?

With UCLA, no. Coach (Rick) Neuheisel was recruiting me, but he got fired. After he got fired I haven't even heard from them or any of the other coaches recruiting me. So they're pretty much out of the picture.

With Wake Forest, they just had a bowl game on (December) 30th, so I'll probably be hearing from them soon. So I might go the second week of January. And I'm not going to Western Michigan anymore because I'm not interested in them anymore.

I will go to Navy the third weekend in January.
So you're still interested in Navy?

Yes, sir.

Can you tell me a little more about your interest?

A few players from my school went there – like Kameron Smith, Trey Grissom – and I know a lot about them. Coach (Buddy) Green, their defensive coordinator, he's my recruiting coach and he is good friends with (Garner HS) coach Smith and coach Al Stewart. They're real good friends and they trust him and have told me a lot about him. I just know that if you go to Navy you're set for life and that's a good thing. Plus, they play good football.

I know you also have a scholarship offer from Air Force. Can you tell me a little about the differences in your recruitment and attraction to Navy as compared to its sister service academy?

I've heard they're about the same, but with Navy, I want my parents to be able to come to see me play. They can come see me play in Maryland but it would be hard to see me play in Colorado. So the distance is one of the things. Then, just with coach Green and my relationship with him, it just means more to me. I mean, I know the coaches at Air Force, but it's not like the relationship I have with coach Green.

So are you favoring Navy over Air Force right now?

Yes, sir.

So Air Force beating Navy the past two years doesn't really mean anything in your mind?

No, sir.

I know your only FBS scholarship offers are from Navy and Air Force, but a number of high-level FCS schools like Richmond have offered you. How do they stand in relation to Navy at this time? Which schools are your favorites?

Basically, this is how I have them in my top five; Wake Forest is probably my favorite school, so if I get an offer from them, they're my favorite. But then, other than that, it's between William and Mary, Richmond, Navy, and then I'll decide between Towson and Elon to go on my fifth visit.

Did you watch much of Navy this year?

I watched the Army game, and I caught glimpses of other games they played on T.V. That's the big thing – they play nationally televised games.

Is that really attractive to you as a recruit, to play on national television every week?

Yes, sir. At Garner, football is king. We always have a lot of people at our games, and most of our games sell out. We have a great atmosphere, and then, going to college, if you go somewhere that doesn't have a great atmosphere it's not going to feel the same. But I know at Navy you'll play in front of hundreds of thousands of people. They play at Giants stadium and stuff.

Have the Navy coaches talked to you about a possible move to the Big East Conference? How would you feel about that?

Yes, (coach Green) said he actually doesn't like that, and he just likes being independent. I think that's cool because they get to travel all over to play, like to California and all of that. They play a lot of big time football like that, and it's kind of limited when you're in a conference.

I know you've played both on the offensive line and defensive line. Which is Navy recruiting you at?

They are recruiting me as a defensive lineman. All the schools recruiting me are for defensive lineman.

Adam Nettina has been covering college football at the Naval Academy for the past five seasons. He is the former Sports Editor of the Utah Statesman and currently writes his own sports and pop-culture blog called Option Pitch and Waffle Crisp. Top Stories