Navy Spring Depth Chart Review: Center/Kicker continues its post spring review of the Navy depth chart. Today we'll look at the center and kicker positions. Look inside to get the scoop on these two vital positions.

Starter: Bradyn Heap #54 So.
Back ups: Dale Howard #64 So.
Third String: Kahikou Pescaia #60 Sr.

Sophomore Bradyn Heap is the new starting center. Heap (6-3, 280) was the starting offensive tackle at NAPS in 2010 until he moved to center after an injury. Heap is a smart, mobile lineman who runs very well. He can get to the second level easily. He is a good, hard-nosed player and blocks well on the move. He had a good spring to secure the center job but needs to play with more consistency.

Sophomore Dale Howard was moved from defensive end to center late this spring and is already listed as the backup. Howard (6-0, 263) is a NAPS product but is very raw. Dale has plenty of natural ability. He is strong as an ox and has a very quick initial burst off his mark. He missed the spring game with an injury. The third string center is junior Kahikou Pescaia. He is a 6 foot, 273 pound center who appeared in three varsity contests last year. Pescaia struggles blocking against bigger more physical nose tackles.

Starter: Stephen Picchini #49 Jr.
Backup: Brynmor Hughes #1 Jr.
The kicking job is still wide open. Junior kicker Stephen Picchini is on the top of the depth chart by default. He struggled this spring and badly missed both his field goal attempts during the Blue & Gold spring game. In 2009 Picchini was selected to the high school All-Southern California team. Picchini hasn't been able to adapt kicking field goals off the ground rather than a kicking tee like he used in high school. Junior Brynmor Hughes was the starter this spring until he was injured. Hughes does possess a good leg and is versatile enough to placekick or punt. Sophomore Colin Amerau has an average leg and struggled with his accuracy all spring to fall off the depth chart. The players to watch are the four direct admit kickers arriving this summer on I-day. This kicking job based on this spring practice's results could be won by a plebe. It's a huge area of concern for a team that lost possibly four games last season because of special team's mistakes. Top Stories