2015 Navy FB Schedule is Shaping up

I know what you are thinking, we haven't even started the 2012 season yet, and the 2011 school year technically only just finished. In many ways I agree, it is far too early to look at what will be happening in 2015, after all, the current crop of freshmen will be experienced seniors by then and just about be ready for active duty. Basically, I am aware that 2015 is a long way away.

2015, however, is important because it will not be a normal season. This is, after all, the first year that the Mids will be involved in Big East play, with (presumably) a chance at an automatic bid to the exclusive party which is the BCS. Life as an Independent certainly had its perks, but Navy will be able to forge new rivalries against big name opponents with a chance every year to play for something that an independent can only dream about. Unless your name is Notre Dame.

The beauty of the schedule laid out so far is that it keeps intact the games that make Navy, Navy. The Commander-in-Chief's Trophy will still be fought for as both Air Force and Army are on the schedule (Army-Navy in its traditional December slot). Likewise, the Notre Dame rivalry will see yet more chapters written, as the Golden Domers will be visited by the Academy on October 10th.

The most interesting (and fresh) game that is on the schedule will be a trip across the Pacific to take on Hawaii over Thanksgiving weekend. Not only is this the perfect game for traveling fans to enjoy (who couldn't use some Hawaiian sun in November?) but it also allows a 13th game on the schedule should the Midshipmen so choose. This is due to the so called "Hawaii exemption" which allows teams traveling to Hawaii to offset costs by adding an extra game to the schedule.

Not yet announced are the Big East games Navy will be playing in. As of writing there are set to be 15 teams in the league, but as has been seen with the on again, off again flirtation with TCU, you never know this far in advance where everyone stands. No matter whom the Midshipmen finds themselves in a conference with, this mix of old and new foes makes looking forward to the 2015 season exciting, even three years in advance.

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