Some Navy Over/Unders for 2012

Well, I am sick of the baseball now, can football please come back? It gets to this point every summer where the days drag and the sport on TV is just not interesting enough. The football season is still frustratingly far into the distance, but with trickles of information coming out it seems like a good time to look at some of the numbers the Midshipmen would like to..

..hit to ensure a successful 2012 campaign. Today we are going to look at some of the offensive stats that Navy should be aiming for.

1) Navy will rush for over 325 yards per game

Over. Navy should easily lead the nation in rushing yards per game in 2012. The way the offense is set up, the uniqueness of the formations, and the weak defenses the team faces this year will combine to push the Academy total way over the 325 ypg. mark. It really wouldn't surprise if this number was closer to 350 or even 375 at the end of the season.

2) Navy wins nine games

Push. This is kind of cheating but the schedule sets up perfectly for navy to win nine games in 2012. In truth the Midshipmen should be aiming for more than this baseline as the only two teams who will have more talent will be Penn State and Notre Dame. If Navy were able to steal one of those games and win every other game in which they will be favored (only ECU should be close) then Navy could have a double digit win season on their hands.

3) Navy players will throw 10 TDs

Under. Navy had double digit TDs in 2011 but I expect only single digit passing scores this season. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, as Navy will be throwing the ball less in 2012 as they will be able to run around and pound through most of the schedule on the ground. There are arguably games on the schedule Navy could win without throwing a single pass, and though it probably won't get that extreme Navy will not have to throw or play catch up much after the first two games of the season. Top Stories