How would Navy fit in the Big Ten?

As the fallout from the Jerry Sandusky scandal continues to grow exponentially, the theoretical punishments for the Penn State program are also blowing up. While the NCAA mulls over countless options, and the University itself proposes sanctions and statue removal, many are wondering what the Big Ten Conference reaction will be.

So, with that in mind if the Big Ten decides to cut all ties with PSU would Navy be interested in taking their spot?

Sure, at this point it seems like an overly drastic measure for the Big Ten to be considering, but with rumors of a potential ‘death penalty' like load of sanctions to be handed down by the NCAA it is not totally out of the question. In the wake of the Sandusky incident anything and anyone that is associated with Penn State on any level has been tarnished. The Big Ten would be doing nothing more than its due diligence by exploring options to replace the Nittany Lions for what was allowed to occur on campus.

If the Big Ten authorities do decide to move on from Penn State there are a handful of schools which would make sense to take their place. Both Iowa State and Pitt would make sense logistically while bringing high academic levels and solid athletic departments with them. Neither though would make the same kind of publicity splash as some of the other options.

Kansas would allow the Big Ten to broaden its fan base into the Kansas City Metro (while doing more damage to the Big 12 in the process). The Conference is also pushing basketball in a big way, and having one of the elite programs in the nation would be a coup. The drawback with the Jayhawks would be that the football program is often something of an afterthought in Lawrence, and that is not the Big Ten style at all. Notre Dame would be a solid favorite if Penn State were kicked, but the Irish tend to march to their own drum.

So why not Navy?

The first hurdle would obviously be the fact that the Midshipmen have a deal in place with the Big East to join in 2015. Though any BCS affiliation will be nice, everyone knows that in simple equation terms Big Ten > Big East. I am sure if push came to shove that the Academy could get out of their current agreement. Also in a world where Louisiana Tech can be in the WAC, the location and logistical side of Navy joining the Big Ten would be a fairly easy transition.

On the conference side of things the Big Ten should have an interest in the Mids. Though obviously at a recruitment disadvantage, Navy has proven over the last decade that they can hold their own with supposedly higher level schools. In addition the Academy brings a true nationwide fan base, and you know that the TV network executives would be salivating at the chance to get the likes of Navy vs. Michigan and Navy vs. Ohio State on their station.

No one knows what will happen for sure with Penn State. If they are kicked out of the Big Ten though, Navy would be among the best fits to take their place in the conference. Top Stories