Niumatalolo quotes following recent scrimmage

Navy head coach Ken Niumatatlolo spoke to the media following the Mids' recent full scrimmage. Look inside to read what the coach said.

Impressions of scrimmage:

Ken Niumatalolo: It's what you hope, that your traveling team will crush the scout team. Got nervous there when Chris Johnson early on kind limped with his knee but you know we've been on grass this whole camp because we are going to play on grass. Sometimes you go onto turf and your feet get stuck and fortunately nothing serious. He's okay. I think he'll be alright.

On lack of option pitches when Trey Miller was playing:

Ken Niumatalolo: A lot of it's the read. We were showing pretty much everything but sometimes we tell the defense to do this, take away that. So it's just the way it transpired.

Were you happy with the way the Trey played?

Ken Niumatalolo: Trey did okay, he missed some checks that he should have made but hopefully he'll have that right in two weeks.

On reacting to lost helmet by QB during game (new rule).

Ken Niumatalolo: When the helmet comes off, not by penalty, that guy is out. [You have to see how quickly you can get a replacement in] and I wanted to do it right there on the goal line with a new quarterback on the 1-yard line coming out to see if he had his bearings.

On goals of scrimmage:

Ken Niumatalolo: We just wanted to play. We came out and did our pre-game stretch, our pre-game warm-up. There are a lot of guys who haven't traveled with us. I don't know if they know where to stand when we get on the field. We don't want to make any assumptions. Just make sure everybody knows where exactly to go. Make sure from a game management standpoint we know what we are doing.

On kickers:

Ken Niumatalolo: The guy that keeps coming up, Sloan, has been pretty consistent. Grebe won the contest today. Coach Johns has a chart of all the kicks. Some other guys are winning but these guys are coming back in but we'll make a decision. We've got to make a decision and move forward these last two weeks and hone in on a couple of guys, a holder, a snapper, because we've been rotating snappers and holders too.

On punt returners Sean Lynch and Gee Gee Greene:

Ken Niumatalolo: Those are the two guys with Matt being out. Right now Sean is No. 1 with Gee Gee backing him up.

Any chance you'd split up kicking with a long guy and short guy for field goals?

Ken Niumatalolo: We are taking a kickoff guy. With the ball moving up to the 35 that's a huge asset for us. I think it's an important spot of our spots of travel so we are taking that. Basically I'm just looking for accuracy, just a guy that can kick it between the uprights. My gut feeling is that Sloan has been the most consistent over camp.

On the PRT test failures.

Ken Niumatalolo: He's (Brandon) is back. He's got to work through his acclimatization period, he's got to go through his shorts period and his shells. He'll be able to come back... probably won't start but I expect to see him on the field playing... Everybody has passed [the PRT] now. They took it this morning and they passed so PRT is done with... That's a big time relief. Especially when Chris went down... Do you think that Tate and Felder will have a harder time working their way back up? Turner has played in a lot of games and knows his position but do you think it's going to be harder for those other two guys?

Ken Niumatalolo: It's going to be harder for Josh but Josh has been coming in on his own, watching tape and trying to stay up the best he can... we'll see how much he's retained from spring ball.

On backup quarterback position battle:

Ken Niumatalolo: I think those two guys are still neck in neck. I don't think John is ahead of Keenan, I don't know if Keenan is ahead of John. That's one that I think will probably go to the end. We know Trey is the starter but those two guys are going to battle it out for the next two weeks.

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