Four Navy Quick Hits

Here is a quartet of Navy football notes from this weekend.

1 - Brandon Turner is back.

Perhaps the most welcome news from the week that was in Navy football is that Bandon Turner is eligible to return to the team. The senior wide out, who is regarded as the Mids best player at the position, has passed the mandated physical readiness test and was able to return to the practice field on Tuesday. This will be a huge boost for the Academy as Turner has the skills and experience needed to be highly effective in the option attack.

2 - Josh Tate and Albrey Felder made it too.

Also of note on the PRT front is that linebacker Josh Tate and corner Albrey Felder are both now able to practice with the team. Though both failed on the same day Turner passed, they were granted one more chance and were able to make it through on Friday morning. This means that finally every player expected is eligible to play.

3 - Kickers, kickers, kickers.

Another day closer to the start of the season and Navy still have no idea about what to do at kicker. There are still six kickers battling out for the job, but at least the group as a whole is improving as evidenced by a stronger showing in this week's situational scrimmage than last. Though no true separation has been made it is worth noting that two freshmen, Austin Grebe and Nick Sloan, are looking the most consistent at this point.

4 - Trey Miller goes off

Though head coach Ken Niumatalolo did his best to dampen expectations after Navy's second full scale scrimmage on Friday it is still worth noting what Trey Miller was able to do against a second and third string defensive unit. Miller was able to show off both aspects of his game as he rushed for 184 yards and 3 touchdowns on 24 carries, as well as going 6 of 7 for 101 yards through the air. Miller's day included a stunning 73-yard scoring carry where he kept on the option before outrunning the defense to the end zone. Top Stories