Board not bored with Navy

Chris Board (Orlando, FL) is a player the Navy staff will be keeping an eye on during the season. Last season Board played for East River, however, he transferred to Timber Creek for his senior season. Blessed with solid size (6-1, 205) and good speed, Board hopes to get more playing time at Timber Creek to enhance his chances of earning scholarship offers. Describe yourself as a player?

Chris Board: I'm really hard working. I enjoy being part of the team and I give my best on every play.

GM: What positions do you play?

CM: Mainly safety.

GM: What were some of your stats last season.

CM: Nothing too much really but that's why I moved to Timber Creek [high school].

GM: Where did you go to school last year?

CM: East River.

GM: What do you think Timber Creek is going to do for you that East River couldn't?

CM: Give me a lot more exposure and we are probably going to go a lot deeper in the playoffs.

GM: What is your 40 speed?

CM: I run a 4.6 forty.

GM: That's not bad. You could probably be an outside linebacker in college.

CM: Probably.

GM: What schools have you talked to so far?

CM: Of course Navy, I talked to them when they came to visit. I talked to one of their recruiters. I talked to UCF, I went to UCF with Jacques [Patrick]. UF (Florida) also came to our school and they talked to us. Utah State and Marist (New York) have also talked to me. EDITORS NOTE: Jacques Patrick is a sophomore running back for Timber Creek who already has offers from the likes of Alabama, Auburn, Florida State and LSU.

GM: Are there any schools that you think are recruiting you really hard?

CM: Not right now. Probably halfway through the season they'll be coming. I'm pretty sure. Most schools plan to watch me during the season.

GM: How often do you hear from Navy?

CM: Since that one time they came to my school and said they were going to keep in touch with me.

GM: Would you visit Navy if you had the opportunity?

CM: If I had transportation I would.

GM: How are you doing in school?

CM: I'm doing pretty good. I have a 3.3 GPA.

GM: Have you taken the ACT or SAT yet?

CB: I made a 20 on my first ACT test. I'm trying to get at least a 25.

GM: Have you gone to any camps?

CB: Yes, I went to the NUC (National Underclassmen Combine). I couldn't make it to the Nike.

GM: When is your first game?

CB: Tomorrow (8/24). We play Ralston Valley from Colorado.

GM: Ralston Valley from Colorado? Wow, is that going to be on TV or something?

CB: I don't know for sure. It's going to be played at Disney.

GM: Now if you go to Navy you'd have a chance to be an officer in the Navy. Would you be interested in that?

CB: Yeah, definitely. I just have to see where everything is at towards the end of the season and that's one of the options I'll take it into consideration.

GM: Do you do any other sports Chris?

CB: Probably will do track, either the 400 or 200.

GM: What are some things you want to work on this season?

CB: Just work on small stuff like tackling, my footwork, ball skills; just work on mainly the main stuff.

GM: Chris, is there anything else about you that you think Navy fans or coaches that might be reading would be interested to know about you?

CB: I'm a hard worker, go a hundred miles an hour on every play and I'd make a good addition to any team.

GM: Thanks for joining me Chris. Top Stories