Navy Midweek Notes: Big East Edition

A new name for the Big East? Former Mid Eric Kettani is with a new NFL team. Penn State game takes on extra importance.

Big East Name Issues

When Navy becomes the 13th football playing member of the Big East in 2015 the conference will have already expanded into Tennessee, Texas, Idaho, and California. With rumors that the conference is looking to further expand to 14 or even 16 teams the western presence looks set to increase (perhaps BYU and/or Air Force) even further. With all that being said it does appear that the conference is quickly outgrowing the Big East name.

Though the Big East wouldn't be the first conference to be badly named (the Big Ten has 12 schools, while Louisiana Tech is playing their final year in the WAC) it does make the league look a little foolish. Name changes have been suggested, but as of now nothing is being pushed through at any rate of speed.

Midshipman a Redskin

Though practice squad moves usually filter through the waiver wire quietly there was one this week which turned a few heads. Naval Academy grad and former New England Patriot Eric Kettani was added to the Washington Redskins squad after a year out of the game due to an active duty/appeal process. Kettani was let out of his military contract early, after agreeing to pay back tuition and signing on as a reserve for 7 years. Kettani has a real shot to make the team at some point this season in Washington as they only have one other fullback/H-back type on their roster. His story will be an interesting one to watch as the season progresses.

Penn State Game Importance

One item that has become clear during the countdown to this weekend's game at Penn State is just how much it means to the players. The combination of the amount of Navy guys who went to high school in Penn State country, including John Howell and Jake Zuzek, the sour taste in the mouth after the Notre Dame defeat, and the bye week being so early in the season, means the players are chomping at the bit to get out on the field. Hopefully this translates into on field performance and Navy can get their first victory of the season in Happy Valley. Top Stories