Photo Story: Navy 24, Florida Atlantic 17

Navy defeated Florida Atlantic on Saturday to become bowl eligible for the first time since 2010. Look inside for exclusive photos by's Alison Althouse.

Game Captains Brandon Turner (86), Matt Warwick (51) and Josh Cabral (65) start things off right.

Bringing in the flags is always an honor. This week that honor went to Ryan Paulson (68), Bo Snelson (4), and Brye French (50).

Defense swarms to keep FAU's #27 (Jonathan Wallace) from gaining yardage.

FAU punts 30 yards and Shawn Lynch (#87) makes the fair catch at the Navy 29.

Pablo Beltran (#11) makes an amazing 61 yard punt to push FAU back to the 2 yard line.

FAU's William Dukes (#19) completes an 11 yard pass only to have the yardage negated by a penalty. Navy's Cody Peterson (#53) and Kwazel Bertrand (#17) made the stop.

Second quarter - first score belongs to FAU's #27 (Jonathan Wallace), despite all efforts of the Navy defense.

Bo Snelson (#4) scrambles to get around the outside before being stopped by FAU's #24 (Brent Harstad).

Noah Copeland (#34) rushes for 3 yards before being stopped by FAU's #24 (Brent Harstad) and #45 (Andrae Kirk), eventually forcing a Navy punt.

FAU's #27 (Jonathan Wallace) is stopped by Navy's Evan Palelei (#58) and Chris Ferguson (#23) before reaching the first down marker.

FAU's #42 (Mitch Anderson) makes his field goal attempt from the 53 yard line. Score is now 10-0, FAU.

Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes for 48 yards, only to be stopped by FAU's #3 (Keith Reaser).

Reynolds' 22 yard pass to Ryan Williams-Jenkins (#24) is complete for a Navy first down!

Brandon Turner (#86) catches a 14 yard pass for Navy's first score of the day!

Reynolds' pass to Shawn Lynch (#87) is complete for 28 yards and another Navy first down.

Casey Bolena (#88) pulls in the 28 yard pass for another Navy first down. Your message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:

After Keenan Reynolds' 1 yard TD run, Nick Sloan (#6) connects for the PAT to bring the score to Navy 14, FAU 10 before the end of the first half.

Keenan Reynolds stays calm in the face of a charging defensive line...

Ashby Christian (#35) continues the Navy assault.

Reynolds' pass to second pass to Brandon Turner (#86) on the day becomes the second passing TD on the day. After a successful PAT by Nick Sloan, score becomes Navy 21, FAU 10.

Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Ray Mabus, was on hand to polish off 21 pushups with the brigade.

The Honorable Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy, handles the Navy after-touchdown-pushups with ease.

Defense continues to crush the FAU run - led in this play by Wes Henderson (#99) and Matt Warwick (#51).

FAU's Damian Fortner (#22) brought down by Keegan Wetzel (#48).

Navy Cheerleaders aren't afraid to do the tough stunts to keep the brigade's attention. Go Navy!

Matt Aiken (#85) catches Reynolds' pass to bring Navy to a first-and-goal, brought down by FAU's #24 (Brent Harstad).

#6 Nick Sloan's field goal attempt is good - bringing the score to Navy 24, FAU 10.

FAU's #27 (Jonathan Wallace) is stopped by Matt Warwick (#51) and Tra'ves Bush (#9) as the third quarter ends with the current score: Navy 24, FAU 10.

Bo Snelson (#4) is brought down by FAU's #24 (Brent Harstad) before he can get the first down.

FAU's #27 (Jonathan Wallace) is pulled down and out of bounds by Navy's Parrish Gaines (#2).

FAU's #27 (Jonathan Wallace) pulls the Owls closer with a TD. After a successful PAT, the score now sits at Navy 24, FAU 17 with 9:07 left in the game.

Navy's Paul Quessenberry (#45) gets to the QB (#14 Grahan Wilbert) to save the play.

As the clock winds down in the game, Keenan Reynolds (#19) never stops fighting for yards.

Injured player, John Howell (#33) continues to support the team, and point out important information to officers on the sidelines, as he heals from surgery. Leadership continues to shine from this group of seniors, whether or not they are able to play.

Navy's going BOWLING! With this sixth win, Navy is officially qualified for a bowl game... and all the players know. Matt Shibata (#84) and Josh Cabral (#65) share their excitement as the game ends.

Senior, Jerad Fehr (#16) remains solemn during the alma mater... Go Navy - Beat Army!

Senior Kahikolu Pescaia (#60) sings the alma mater as the game ends with a huge WIN for Navy. Top Stories