Alex Brown comments on Navy

Last December, following a visit for the Army-Navy game, Alex Brown committed to the Navy coaching staff making him the first commitment for the class of 2013.

The 6-foot-4, 235-pound tight end/defensive end, who plays at Lexington (S.C.) White Knoll high school, was expected to receive numerous offers, but made the early commitment and has stood by it despite strong overtures from other colleges.

"When I was at the Army game," said Alex Brown, " the coaches took me aside and said they wanted to extend the offer. They told me that if I wanted to play there to let them know. I went home and prayed about it. I talked it over with my family. Four days later, I called to accept the offer.

"A lot of people thought I committed to Navy just because they were the first to offer, but that's not the case. I always felt like I wanted to be a part of something big. I'm going to be doing that by serving my country. I've always looked up to the Cadets. The guys who are there are the top reason I chose Navy. They're a different breed. They are smart, act like gentlemen, and respectful. The players on the team are selfless. You won't see players complaining they should get the ball more or that they're the best thing since sliced bread. It's a team of great character guys."

While Brown plays defensive end at White Knoll, the Navy staff likes him at outside linebacker. Some players would be hesitant about the change of positions, but Brown is very optimistic about the move.

"The first thing Coach (Buddy) Green told me was that I have great size," Brown said. "They like me at outside linebacker because of my maneuverability, knack to get to the ball, and my agility.

"I'm looking forward to playing outside linebacker probably more than you can put into words. I've always pictured myself playing linebacker running down the field and making a big hit. A defensive line you really don't get to do that. It's a mentally-challenging position, but I think it's the ultimate position on the field. I'm going to play it with passion. I like that I'll be more of a pass rushing linebacker like Keegan Wetzel."

Brown has made several unofficial visits to Annapolis. Last year, he attended the Troy and Army game. This season he went to the September game with VMI and plans to return for Texas State on November 17th.

This weekend Brown and his teammates at White Knoll will try to make history with the first playoff win in the school's history when they travel to Mount Pleasant to face Wando. The school had never had a winning season until Brown's sophomore season, his first as a starter, in 2010.

After the season, Brown plans to compete in track and field and archery. He reports a 4.35 GPA taking advanced placement classes. In plans on enrolling directly into the Naval Academy next June and would like to study Mechanical or Chemical Engineering. Top Stories