Q&A with Colton Jumper

Navy received a big boost to its recruiting efforts when it signed 2-time All-State linebacker Colton Jumper of Baylor School in Chattanooga, Tenn. Look inside for an exclusive interview with this future Navy Midshipman.

NOTE: This interview was conducted just before signing day.

GoMids.com: When did you decide to go with Navy? Colton Jumper: Sunday night [February 3, 2013].

GM: Did you get a chance to visit Navy?
CJ: Yes, last weekend.

GM: How long had you been hearing from Navy?
CJ: The first time I ever heard from them was last Monday they came in and offered me.

GM: What did you think when these Navy coaches came in?
CJ: I was excited, I was surprised because I had never heard from them before.

GM: What other schools offered you?
CJ: Air Force, Furman, Wofford, Lehigh, UT-Chattanooga, Sanford and Williams & Mary.

GM: What was it about Navy that kind of set them apart?
CJ: Big time football, that's a big thing; academics, top academics in the nation; I really liked the coaches; not too far from home, good distance; I like all the guys too; I feel like the program is really headed in the right direction, they've been to bowl games in 9 of the last 10 years, things like that. I also had a gut feeling about it.

GM: What player hosted you for your visit to Navy?
CJ: Matt Warrick.

GM: Have any of your family served in the military?
CJ: My uncle was a Marine fighter pilot.

GM: What are some of the things you think makes you a great player?
CJ: I think my speed is a big factor. I think I have a good frame. I weigh 220 but look like I weigh 200 so my frame can hold another 20 pounds. I have football smarts being able to spot the ball, I guess.

GM: I was watching some of your video on Scout.com and you are pretty quick. You have pretty good acceleration going after runners. 4.53, is that your fastest forty speed ever?
CJ: 4.51

GM: How did the Navy coaches say they planned to use you at Navy?
CJ: As an inside linebacker.

GM: Are there any other sports that you play Colton?
CJ: Yes, I play baseball and am a starting pitcher. I plan on focusing on football.

GM: What is your GPA?
CJ: 3.2 or 3.3 GPA (NOTE: Baylor School is one of the top high schools in the state of Tennessee)

GM: Will you go to the prep school or be a direct admit?
CJ: Direct.

GM: Have you learned how to say Coach Niumatalolo's name yet?
CJ: No, I'll just call him "Coach Niumat" like the rest of the players.

GM: Thank you for joining us Colton and congratulations on your commitment to Navy.
CJ: Thank you.

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