Bye Bye Big East

It looks like those Navy fans who campaigned to keep the Mids out of the Big East have got their wish. Well, sort of at least.

It looks like those Navy fans that campaigned to keep the Mids out of the Big East have got their wish. Well, sort of at least.

News has filtered through the grapevine that the ever twisting world of college sports will have to find a new name for the conference which Navy is set to join in 2015. This is because the 'Catholic Seven' schools will be taking the Big East name, and the Madison Square Garden post season basketball tournament location, with them when they band together as soon as July of this year. It is expected that a couple of the Atlantic 10 schools along with perhaps Creighton will join them in this new venture, leaving the former Big East in yet another new state of flux.

In an announcement that could come as soon as Thursday the split will be ratified and the schools will work on finding a way to distribute the $110 million currently stocked in the Big East coffers between themselves. The majority of that cash pile, around $100 million, will go to the football schools. Obviously the three remaining holdovers UConn, Cincinnati, and South Florida, will see the most money, but the soon to be joining squads (including Navy) will each see some kind of kickback. This is certainly in part a peace offering to the soon to be members after the let down that was the TV rights deal finalized in the last couple of weeks.

In related news Big East commish Mike Aresco has reiterated that the conference is actively seeking another football member to take the conference to twelve teams. This would allow for the newly named conference to split into two divisions of six and have a money making title game at the end of the year. Think the model that the SEC had up until the latest round of expansion.

Obviously one of the next steps that needs to happen for the conference yet to be named is to find a name. Though Conference USA North may be somewhat appropriate there is a feeling that might not fly with the powers that be. One thing that is for certain is this. Navy will certainly not be a Big East school any time soon. Top Stories