Navy Spring Practice Gets Underway

Football has become a 365 day a year business and we still cannot get enough of it. That is why after yet another disappointing basketball season the pigskin has come back into focus as we head into the middle of March. Spring practice is here, and with it comes a whole bunch of new storylines as the Mids look to develop and improve in every area for the 2013 season.

Here are a couple of quick hits on the earliest stories out there.

Navy to implement the spread?

By far the most interesting news of the offseason so far is that the Mids offense may well look drastically different at times next fall. After years of living and dying by the option coach Ken Niumatalolo has revealed that he has spent time visiting with the staffs of various programs who mainly use spread and shotgun principles in their offenses. The thought is that Niumatalolo has been so impressed by Keenan Reynolds ability to pass on the move that he wants to expand the young quarterbacks role in the offense. If this gives a side benefit that the Mids are able to play fast and not fall out of games when down by more than a couple of scores then that would be outstanding.

Though it is obviously unrealistic to expect Navy to come out as a Mike Leach era Texas Tech offense it will certainly be very interesting to see how the Mids adopt those ideas into an option attack. If Niumatalolo can figure out a hybrid system of the two then the Midshipmen would truly have something special.

Starting slotback..........Trey Miller?

I don't know if anyone noticed, but Navy graduated pretty much everything they had at slotback last year. You may also have noticed that Keenan Reynolds played pretty well under center and that season opening quarterback, and bona fide speedster, Trey Miller is now sitting at number two on the depth chart with little to no chance of winning his job back. Not the ideal situation for a senior I think most would agree. It doesn't take the mind of Einstein then to look at the situation and wonder how much damage Miller could do as the primary slotback in the Mids system. He certainly has the speed, elusiveness, and vision required to make people miss and gain yards and it seems a shame to sit all that ability on the bench. With no one on the roster at that position having had more than seven carries in a game Miller would be a huge upgrade on what is currently there.

Ironically though it is neither Reynolds nor Miller himself who holds the key to his future. The issue is that Miller is the second best quarterback until Niumatalolo gets comfortable that current third stringer John Hendrick knows the offense. If Hendrick does improve to that point though all signs are that Miller will be shifted out to give Navy their most potentially devastating rushing attack in years. Top Stories