Top Academy Quarterbacks

There will be some new names under center this year for the academies as they adjust to the loss of key contributors. While the passing numbers for triple-option quarterbacks will never reflect those of other quarterbacks around the country, this style of offense demands that quarterbacks be efficient. Here are five quarterbacks that could take on a significant role for their teams in 2013:

5. Jaleel Awini (Air Force)- A sophomore who is very inexperienced, Awini would bring a little more passing to the offense, which head coach Troy Calhoun has mentioned as a need for his team. Nonetheless, it would be a big upset if Awini beat out Kale Pearson for the starting spot in Colorado Springs.

4. Angel Santiago (Army)- One of two backups who got time last season behind Trent Steelman, Santiago figures to be one of two players who will compete for the starting job, though he is clearly second in the pecking order right now. He was given very few snaps last year and lost hold of the No. 2 spot on the depth chart.

3. A.J. Schurr (Army)- The other Army backup from a season ago, Schurr started September at No. 3 on the depth chart but rose to No. 2 when Santiago played poorly in limited action as the primary backup to Steelman. As the battle for the starting quarterback position heats up in West Point, it is Schurr's job to lose going into the summer of 2013. In what should be recognized as a very small sample size, Schurr did throw the ball relatively well when he got a chance to test his arm last year.

2. Kale Pearson (Air Force)- Pearson got some time as the backup last year and was the first-string quarterback coming into the spring. The biggest issue he faces is moving into an offense that returns only two starters this season. Pearson will have a ton of inexperience surrounding him, making the transition from backup to starter even more difficult.

1. Keenan Reynolds (Navy)- As the only returning starting quarterback from the academies last season (though that's not entirely true; Reynolds did not begin the 2012 season as Navy's starter, but he finished it in full control of the job...), Reynolds basically goes here by default. Yet, even if he wasn't the only returning starter, he'd still make the top of this list on the merits. As a freshman he flashed his potential and was legitimately effective in leading Navy's offense. His ability to limit turnovers enabled Navy to remain half a step ahead of its opponents in 2012. The Midshipmen will be banking on a sophomore surge from Reynolds in 2013. If they get it, they'll enjoy a very successful season. Top Stories