AAC unveils official conference logo

Conference members, check; conference name, check; conference logo, we now have one! Look inside for more on the new American Athletic Conference logo.

Not bad at all, in fact, pretty darn good. It's not easy working with the red, white and blue colors. Especially blue against red and the logo designers did a good job of this. The logo has a resemblance to the American Football Conference logo of the NFL with similarities in the block 'A', stars and red of that logo.

Conference commissioner Mike Aresco spoke about the new logo.

"As with the creation of our name, we worked directly with our institutions, sports marketing experts, media partners and design agencies to create and evaluate a variety of logo options," said Commissioner Mike Aresco. "We took our preferred marks to each institution within our conference for an open forum with school presidents, athletic directors and student athletes to get their input. The elegant, athletic and classic letter A with the unique star inside and AMERICAN underneath was unanimously chosen by every institution. We believe this bold mark and our series of ancillary marks will support our conference name and the values that our name represents. In addition, our partners at ESPN and CBS agree that its strength, simplicity and elegance will resonate well on TV," concluded Aresco.

The new conference continues to develop and the spiffy logo adds yet another touch of viability to the league.

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