Photo Story II: Navy beats Delaware, 51-7

The Navy Midshipmen piled up 352 yards rushing and 237 yards passing in thrashing Delaware on Saturday, 51-7.'s Alison Althouse was there and captured these images (part II)

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) calls his own number and keeps for 6 yds before being brought down by UD #44 (Pat Callaway)

Brendan Dudeck (Navy #81) rushes 13 yds to move into Delaware territory and another Navy First Down

Navy #81 Brendan Dudeck's 13 yard run ends in a layout and roll as he protects the football - kudos to tackles by Shawn Lynch (Navy #87) and Bradyn Heap (Navy #62) for keeping Delaware at bay.

Keenan Reynolds' 29 yard pass to Shawn Lynch (Navy #87) results in Navy's fourth TD of the game. PAT good, Score; Navy 30, Delaware 7

Chris Johnson (Navy #46) stalls Delaware's progress (#17 Michael Johnson) after a pair of return penalties backed them up to their own 14 yd line.

After a Delaware fumble (caused by Navy #58 Evan Palelei), Navy's D.J. Sargenti (#52) makes sure that UD's #30 (Andrew Pierce) stays put as he recovers the ball.

Late in the 3rd Qtr, Reynolds eyes DeBrandon Sanders (Navy #21) for some much needed yardage. Pass complete for 12 yards and another Navy First Down!

DeBrandon Sanders (Navy #21) maintains control of the ball and add yards to his run just as UD #29 (Jordan Thomas) works to gain the upper hand.

Noah Copeland (Navy #34) continues his assault on the UD line as Delaware #32 (Kyle Gayle) tries to stop him.

Geoffrey Whiteside (Navy #29) pounds into the end zone with help of critical blocks by Captain Matt Aiken (Navy #85) as UD defense swarms to stop him

Matt Aiken (Navy #85) and Tanner Fleming (Navy #75) dive on the loose ball after Whiteside's (confirmed) TD to make sure there was NO doubt it was a NAVY SCORE. PAT good, Score: Navy 37, Delaware 7 (3rd Qtr Clock 02:40)

Navy's William Tuider (#38) demonstrates how to wrap up your opponent as he brings down Delaware's #17 (Michael Johnson) at their own 21 yard line after the kickoff.

The Mids' enthusiasm was contagious and never waned

Navy's Will Anthony (#90) chases down the UD running back (#27 Julian Laing) to stop their forward progress.

Captain Cody Peterson (#53) seeks and destroys UD's drive by tackling UD #27 (Julian Laing) for a loss in their final drive of the third quarter.

Commandant Bill Byrne gets into the spirit by leading the "I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN" cheer as the fourth quarter gets underway.

Combination of Geoffrey Whiteside (Navy #29) and Chris Swain (Navy #37) proved to be a case of "too much, too fast" for the Blue Hens, resulting in Navy's fifth TD of the game. PAT by Nick Sloan (Navy #6) was good. Score: Navy 44, Delaware 7

Never underestimate the importance of a great kicker - Navy's Austin Grebe had 9 kickoffs on the day, totaling 579 yards with a 64.3 average and 3 touchbacks.

Blue Hens #86 (Nick Boyle) fumbles and the ball is ultimately recovered by Navy's Shelley White (#7) after a close battle on the ground.

UD Quarterback #13 (Trevor Sasek) is sacked by Navy's Obi Uzoma (#44) for a 2 yard loss on fourth down. Navy takes over at the 37 yard line, ready to continue the fight.

Navy's John Hendrick (#10) takes over for Keenan Reynolds and hands off to Quinton Singleton (Navy #36), who rushes for 7 yards as Navy begins their final scoring drive.

Navy's John Hendrick (#10) keeps the ball safe as he rushes for 6 yards before being enveloped by a crew of Blue Hens' defensemen. Hendrick had the second highest rushing numbers on the day, gaining 52 yards.

Navy's DeBrandon Sanders (#21) continues to cause all kinds of problems for the UD Defense as he claws his way toward the end zone.

We go to replay to see that Navy's John Hendrick (#10) had control of the ball as it crossed the goal line before being popped out and eventually recovered by Delaware after the fact. Pictured in the center is Navy's Brandon Greene (#61) as he helps make the final push that got Hendrick into the end zone.

Never waiver... Never question...

Something so special about singing "Navy Blue and Gold", especially after a win!


Photos by Alison Althouse for

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