Photo Story: Navy 28, Air Force 10 (part I)

Navy defeated Air Force 28-10 on Saturday at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.'s Alison Althouse was there and captured these images. (part I)

Navy takes the field

AFA #37 (Anthony LaCoste) is stopped at the 23 yard line by Navy's James Britton (#51) and William Tuider (#38)

AFA pass complete to #9 (Jale Robinette) but stopped at the AF40 by Chris Johnson (Navy #46)

Navy's Paul Quessenberry (#45) eyes his target... AFA quarterback, #16 (Karson Roberts)

It was a sea of yellow boat hats (FULL SPEED AHEAD) in the Mid-section of the stadium

AFA pass to #85 (Marcus Hendricks) is incomplete, especially with Wave Ryder (Navy #8) in hot pursuit

Navy's Chris Ferguson (#23) tackles AFA #7 (Garrett Brown) after a 9 yard gain but ultimately saving the TD. Navy's Cody Peterson (#53) and Wave Ryder (#8) assist on the stop.

AFA #30 (Will Conant) draws first blood in the contest with a field goal attempt from the 45. Score, at 8:33, in the first quarter: AFA 3, Navy 0

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) tosses to Chris Swain (Navy #37) who rushes for 9 yards

Keenan Reynolds' (Navy #19) pass complete to Marcus Thomas (Navy #26) for 6 yards and the first Navy 1st down!

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) rushes for 7 yards and another Navy 1st down!

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) keeps for more yardage

Incomplete pass to Darius Staten (Navy #20)

AFA #32 (Broam Hart) stopped after a 5 yard gain by Kwazel Bertrand (Navy #17) and Chris Ferguson (Navy #23)

In the following play, AFA's quarterback #16 (Karson Roberts) rushes for 4 yard before being stopped by Navy's William Tuider (#38), aided by Paul Quessenberry (Navy #45)

Navy's Cody Peterson (#53) stops AFA #24 (Jon Lee) at the AF37, limiting his gain to 8 yards.

In the final play of the first quarter, Navy's Lonnie Richardson (#3) holds AF #37 (Anthony LaCoste) to a gain of 3. Score at the end of the first quarter: Navy 0, AFA 3

AFA pass complete to #9 (Jale Robinette) for 7 yards before being grounded out-of- bounds by Navy's Chris Ferguson (#23)

AFA's #30 (Will Conant) field goal attempt from the Navy 32 yard line falls short of the mark. Score remains Navy 0, AFA 3

Navy's Pablo Beltran (#11) is able to get off a clean punt, due to great protection by Navy's Barry Dabney (#69), Chris Nuthen (#95) and Joey Gaston (#65)

AFA #32 (Broam Hart) is stopped by Navy's Chris Johnson (#46) in the Falcon's first play of the drive.

Our CFO-West officiating crew kept the game well under control.

Falcon's #4 (Sam Gagliano) couldn't pull in the final pass in the AFA series

Navy's DeBrandon Sanders rushes for 21 yards before being brought down at the 50 yard line

Navy's Co-Captain, Matt Aiken (#85) is able to scramble around players and eat up 17 yards before being stopped by AFA #87 (Alex Hansen)

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) gains 12 yards for another Navy 1st down before being caught by AFA #49 (Joey Nichol)

Navy's Marcus Thomas (#26) racks up 18 yards to get Navy to the 3 yard line before being brought down by Falcon's #42 (Kristov George)

PAT by Navy's Nick Sloan (#6) is good after Keenan Reynold's rushing touchdown. Score in the 2nd quarter with 4:55 on the clock: Navy 7, Air Force 3

AFA #37 (Anthony LaCoste) tries to get more yards, but is stopped by the combination of Lonnie Richardson (Navy #3) and Chris Ferguson (Navy #23)

Navy's Chris Ferguson (#23) doesn't allow AFA #24 (Jon Lee) any more than 5 yards

Falcons #37 (Anthony LaCoste) is dragged down by Navy's Lonnie Richardson (#3) at the Navy 49

Falcons #37 (Anthony LaCoste) rushes for AFA's only TD on the day. Following a good PAT, the score is now Navy 7, AFA 10 (Clock at 01:50)

Marcus Thomas (Navy #26) returns the kickoff 19 yards to the Navy30

DeBrandon Sanders (Navy #21) had a 12 yard reception before being stopped by AFA #49 (Joey Nichol)

Navy's Pablo Beltran (#11) punts to complete Navy's first half offense. Score at the end of the first half: Navy 7, Air Force 10

All photos by Alison Althouse for Top Stories