Navy ended a 2-game losing streak on Saturday with a vital 24-21 victory over Pitt. Look inside for exclusive photos by's Alison Althouse. In this segment we'll look back on the first half.


Captains Matt Aiken (#85) and Cody Peterson (#53) head out for the coin toss

American flags are carried by Wave Ryder (#8), Evan Palelei (#58) and Marcus Thomas (#26). Captain Matt Aiken (#85) runs along side as the Mids take the field.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) buries the opening kickoff 65 yards for a touchback to start the game

Navy's Co-Captain, Cody Peterson (#53) brings down Pitt's #34 (Isaac Bennett) as the rest of the Navy defense comes to help.

Navy's Brendon Clements (#1) upends Pitt's #15 (Devin Street) before he could get the first down yardage needed.

Navy's Chris Ferguson (#23) and Brendon Clements (#1) team up to stop Pitt's #40 (James Conner).

Pitt's pass to #82 (Manasseh Garner) is incomplete at third and 4, stalling their first drive of the game.

Pitt's #12 (Chris Blewitt) completes his field goal attempt and gets Pitt on the scoreboard. Navy 0; Pitt 3 (clock 07:28)

Gotta love seeing the brigade in blues!

Navy's Bernard Sarra (#77) hurried the Pitt QB #7 (Tom Savage), causing an incomplete pass.

Panther #34 (Isaac Bennett) rushes for 7 yards before being chased down by Navy's Cody Peterson (#53)

Incomplete pass to Pitt's #15 (Devin Street) was almost intercepted by Navy's D.J. Sargenti (#52)

Pitt's QB, #7 (Tom Savage) scrambles for yardage after being flushed out of the pocket

Navy's punter, Pablo Beltran (#11), got a workout in today's game with a total of 5 punts for 184 yards. At the end of the first quarter, the score stands at Navy 0, Pitt 3.

In the final play of the first quarter, Pitt's #40 (James Conner) tries in vain to get away from Navy's Captain, Cody Peterson (#53).

The cameramen loved to show our cheerleaders on the jumbotron... Go Navy!

Panther's #40 (James Conner) rushed for 6 yards before Navy's Cody Peterson (#53) caught him.

In this three-part photo (below), Keenan Reynolds (#19)'s pass to Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) was deflected and ended up in the hands of Marcus Thomas (#26), who rushed for the first Navy touchdown on the day. Nick Sloan (#6)'s PAT is good and the score is now Navy 7, Pitt 3.

Austin Grebe (#43) gets the next series started, pictured here with Quinton Singleton (#36)

Pitt's pass is complete to #29 (Rachid Ibrahim) for 9 yards before being brought down by Navy's Parrish Gaines (#2).

Pitt's #86 (J.P. Holtz) can't bring in the pass when being chased by Navy's Cody Peterson (#53). Navy's Paul Quessenberry contributed by hurrying the QB.

Pitt adds to their point total with a good field goal attempt. Score is now Navy 7, Pitt 6 (clock at 09:23)

Navy's Noah Copeland (#34) rushes for yards while Keenan Reynolds (#19) tries to divert the defenseman.

Reynolds' pass to Jamir Tillman (#86) is complete but he's not able to get enough yards to save the play.

Pitt's pass is complete to #23 (Tyler Boyd), giving Pitt a first down. Navy's Brendon Clements (#1) is there to make the stop.

Pitt's #31 (Jaymer Parrish) rushes for 5 yards to get to the Navy 11 before finally being stopped by Navy's Parrish Gaines (#2)

Pitt's second goal line pass attempt to #15 (Devin Street) is complete for a touchdown.

Navy's Marcus Thomas (#26) returns the kickoff 24 yards before finally being stopped by Pitt's #18 (Titus Howard) and #12 (Chris Blewitt).

Navy's pass to Brendan Dudeck (#81) is complete for 8 yards, with tackle credit going to Pitt #23 (Lafayette Pitts).

Navy's Keenan Reynolds calls his own number to keep the drive alive for another 10 yards.

Navy's pass is intercepted by Pitt's #2 (K'Waun Williams) at the 1 yard line.

Pitt's #7 (Tom Savage) keeps the ball and gains a yard as time expires on the first half. At the end of the first half, the score is Navy 7, Pitt 13.

As halftime ended, the game received a fly-by of three CH-46 helicopters to start the second half.

All photos by Alison Althouse for Top Stories