Navy defeated Hawaii 42-28 to improve to 5-4 on the season.'s Alison Althouse was at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium and captured these images. (part 1, first half)

Seniors Wave Ryder (#8), Evan Palelei (#58) and Marcus Thomas (#26) L-R bring in the American Flags to start the game

Brendon Cements (Navy #1) brings down Hawaii's #29 (Scott Harding) for a 3 yard loss in their first drive of the game.

Navy's DJ Sargenti (#52) and Brendon Clements (#1) combine to stop Hawaii's #84 (Clark Evans) from getting the first down and essentially ending HI's first drive.

Navy's Quinton Singleton (#36) takes the first three hand-offs from Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) to combine for 17 yards of progress.

Navy's Marcus Thomas (#26) is stopped for a loss by HI's #10 (Marrell Jackson), forcing a punt on Navy's first drive.

Navy's punter, Pablo Beltran (#11) got the ball down to the UH21 with a 38 yard punt that was fumbled by Hawaii and ultimately recovered by Navy's Myer Krah (Navy #9).

Keenan Reynolds' pass was complete to Geoffrey Whiteside (Navy #29) for 26 yards and the first score of the day. After Nick Sloan's successful PAT, the score is now Navy 7, Hawaii 0 (Clock 10:08)

The Midshipmen, decked in plastic lai's and blue foam fingers, were supportive, loud, and clearly enjoying the day

Hawaii's #22 (Diocemy Saint Juste) only gains 3 yards before being stopped by Cody Peterson (Navy #53)... Navy's Toneo Gulley (#22) stands ready to assist.

Navy's Wave Ryder (#8) is credited with the stop of Hawaii's #7 (Joey Iosefa) forward progress, but had some help from Chris Johnson (#46)

Wave Ryder (Navy #8) covers Hawaii #89 (Keith Kirkwood) just as he catches the pass from Hawaii's QB #19 (Sean Schroeder).

Navy's Kwazel Bertrand (#17) watches the Hawaii pass to #9 (Chris Gant) and plans his strike accordingly - Hawaii gained only one yard on this play

Navy's DJ Sargenti (#52) and Aaron Davis (#91) take down Hawaii's QB, #19 (Sean Schroeder) as he scrambles for yards, falling short of the first down.

Keenan Reynolds' pass is incomplete to Casey Bolena (Navy #88) while Brandon Greene (Navy #61) and Bradyn Heap (Navy #62) work to protect their quarterback.

Navy's Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) rushes around the side for 8 yards before being brought down by HI #10 (Marrell Jackson).

Navy's Quinton Singleton (#36) found a sliver of daylight and carved out 3 yards before being stopped by HI defense.

DeBrandon Sanders (Navy #21) rushed for 8 yards before being pushed out of bounds by HI #10 (Marrell Jackson).

HI #19 (QB Sean Schroeder) rushes for 11 yards, in this second drive of the second quarter, before Chris Johnson (Navy#46) brought him down.

Chris Johnson (Navy #46) is all over Hawaii #15 (Ikaika Woolsey) when he tries to rush for yards.

Chris Swain (Navy #37) claws for yards as HI #53 (Marcus Malepeai) holds him to a 1 yard gain.

Navy's Pablo Beltran (#11) gets off a nice 46 yard punt as the Navy drive ends.

HI's #7 (Joey Iosefa) is stopped by Navy's Cody Peterson (#53) as he hammers through the Navy line.

Pass to Hawaii's#89 (Keith Kirkwood) is complete for their first TD of the game. After successful PAT, game is now Navy 7, Hawaii 7 with clock at 6:21 left in the half.

Hawaii's kicker (#27, Tyler Hadden) follows through for the point that ties the score at 7, his first successful kick of the day.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) starts the next drive with a pass

Pass to Navy's Jamir Tillman (#86) was incomplete - his foot was on the line and ruled out.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) calls his own number and rushes for 31 yards to the Hawaii 26. Follow-up personal foul by HI moved Navy to the HI 13 yard line.

Keena Reynolds (Navy #19) follows the hole made by his O-line and gains 5 yards before being stopped by HI #10 (Marrell Jackson) and #56 (Brenden Daley) at the UH4.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) completes the drive by crossing the goal line as Navy's Tanner Flemming (#75) and Jake Zuzek (#64) work to give him space to move.

Nick Sloan (Navy #6) puts the ball through the uprights for the PAT. Score is now Navy 14, Hawaii 7, with the clock 3:37.

Hawaii responds to Navy's score with one of their own. Pass from HI #19 (Sean Schroeder) to #84 (Clark Evans) eventually makes it to the endzone. After successful PAT, score is now Navvy 14, Hawaii 14, with the clock at 2:52

Navy honored the players from the 2003 Houston Bowl team at halftime. They were on the sidelines to see a Navy touchdown (rush by Keenan Reynolds, as shown previously) "up close and personal" again. Congratulations and thanks to all... the players who were available to make the trip, and those who are deployed/on active duty. You helped change the course of Navy Football.

All photos by Alison Althouse for