Navy defeated South Alabama 42-14 on Saturday at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis, Md.'s Alison Althouse was at the game and captured these images (first half).

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) warming up

Navy's Linemen, Tanner Fleming (#75), Jake Zuzek (#64) go up against Travis Bridges (#72)

Senior Co-Captain Matt Aiken stands proudly with his family on the field for his final home Navy game.

Senior Co-Captain Cody Peterson shares the stage with his former coach on the field for his final home Navy game

Navy's final home entrance of the American Flags, carried by Seniors (L-R) Marcus Thomas (#26), Evan Palelei (#58) and Wave Ryder (#8).

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) had a 65 yard kickoff to start the game.

Navy's Myer Krah (#9), making his first career start, takes down Jaguar's #5 (Brynt Lavender) to help end the USA opening drive.

After signaling for a fair catch, Navy's Shawn Lynch is tackled by USA's #24 (T.J. Glover), resulting in a 15 yard penalty and a 1st and 10 on the Navy31 to start Navy's opening drive.

The first play of Navy's drive is a complete pass to co-captain, Matt Aiken (#85) for 5 yards.

Navy's #19 Keenan Reynolds' toss to Darius Staten (#20) nets him 23 yards and another Navy 1st down

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) keeps for 10 yards before being stopped by Jag's #82 (Alex Page) at the USA25.

Darius Staten (Navy #20) rushed for 16 yards before being pushed out of bounds by USA #28 (Enrique Williams) at the USA11.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) makes every effort to get a completed pass, at 3rd and 19, as he's chased out of the pocket by Jag's #82 (Alex Page).

Navy's Nick Sloan (#6) draws first blood in the game with his clean field goal from the 37. Score: Navy 3, South Alabama 0 (Clock 06:05 first quarter).

USA's return run by #24 (T.J. Glover) is cut short by Navy's Tyler Goble (#54) and Ed Royds (#40) as Quincy Adams (Navy #5) stands ready to assist.

Jag's #11 (Jereme' Jones) is stopped by Navy's D.J. Sargenti (#52) after he is forced to sidestep tackles by Chris Johnson (Navy #46) and Cody Peterson (Navy #53).

Navy's Jordan Drake brings down Jag's #24 (T. J. Glover) after only a 4yd gain to the USA38.

Pass to Jag's #29 (Kendall Houston) nets only 5 yards before he's brought down in a swarm of Navy defense, tackle credited to Cody Peterson (#53) and aided by (L-R) Aaron Davis (#91), Parrish Gaines (#2), Myer Krah (#9), and Chris Johnson (#46).

Navy's Wave Ryder (#8) stops USA#13 (Wes Saxton) with help from DJ Sargenti (Navy #52).

USA TD pass to #1 (ShaVarez Smith) gives the Jag's their first lead of the game. After successful PAT, score is Navy 3, South Alabama 7 (Clock 00.26 in the first quarter).

In the final play of the first quarter, Navy's #19, Keenan Reynolds' pass to Brendan Dudeck (#81) is complete. Stop by USA made by #18 (Terrell Brigham). Score at the end of the first quarter: Navy 3, South Alabama 7.

Spirit buttons kept everyone's focus on the task at hand... Beat South Alabama!

Navy's Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) gets 14 yards on a complete pass from Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19). USA#3 (Charles Watson) is credited with the tackle.

Navy's Darius Staten (#20) continues to rack up numbers with a 27 yard run to the USA17 before being brought down by Jags#28 (Enrique Williams) and #18 (Terrell Brigham).

Navy's Darius Staten (#20) caps off this first play of the second quarter by rushing 17 yards for Navy's first TD on the day. After #6 Nick Sloan's successful PAT, the score is now Navy 10; South Alabama 7 (Clock 13:24 in second quarter).

Navy's Toneo Gulley (#22) makes the special teams play to stop Jags #24 (T.J.Glover) at the USA29.

Jags #8 (Jay Jones) run is stopped by Navy's William Tuider (#38) at the USA48. 23

Two plays later, Jags connect with a TD pass to #1 (Shavarez Smith) for their final scoring drive of the game. Score: Navy 10, South Alabama 14 (Clock 9:02).

Navy's Demond Brown (#25) shakes off would-be tackle by Jags #34 (Desmond Lavelle) for a 45 yard return on the kickoff and start Navy's drive at the Navy49.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) gets some great protection from Tanner Flemming (#75) and E.K. Binns (#57).

Navy's Shawn White (#39) powers through the defense to score Navy's second TD. Score: Navy 16, South Alabama 14

Navy's Nick Sloan (#6) continues his stellar work with another successful PAT. Score: Navy 17, South Alabama 14 (Clock 07:19).

Navy's William Tuider (#38) doesn't allow Jags #24 (T.J.Glover) any more than 11 yards on his kickoff return.

When Jags QB #2 (Ross Metheny) calls his own number, he's stopped by Navy's William Tuider (#38) who gets a little help from Jordan Drake (Navy #13) and the USA drive stalls.

Navy's Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) rushes for 4 yards to get the drive moving forward.

Darius Staten (Navy #20) eats up 18 yards, and gets to the USA49, before being stopped by Jags #23 (Roman Buchanan). Navy's Brendan Dudeck (#81) stands ready to help.

Navy's Shawn Lynch (#87) gains 19 yards, avoiding this tackle attempt by Jags #23 (Roman Buchanan), to get another Navy 1st down at the USA30.

A clean handoff from QB Keenan Reynolds (#19) to Shawn White (#39) is the first step to a good run.

Navy's pass from Keenan Reynolds (#19) to Brendan Dudeck (#81) only looked good in the air - pass was incomplete.

Navy's Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) gets the Navy 1st down before Jags #28 (Enrique Williams) ends his run at the USA16.

Nick Sloan (Navy #6) completes the Navy drive with a field goal. Score: Navy 20, South Alabama 14 (clock 00:34 in the second quarter).

Navy's Ed Royds (#40) tackles Jags #24 (T.J. Glover) at the USA16 on his kickoff return to close out the first half.

All photos by Alison Althouse for