Navy defeated South Alabama 42-14 on Saturday at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis, Md.'s Alison Althouse was at the game and captured these images (second half).

South Alabama's #97 (Aleem Sunanon) kicks off to start the second half.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) continues to get great pass protection as the third quarter starts.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) fakes a hand-off to Shawn White (Navy #39) before Marcus Thomas (#26) takes the ball and rushes for 10 yards.

Navy's Demond Brown rushes for 14 yards before being stopped by Jags #3 (Charles Watson) as (L-R) Navy players Marcus Thomas (#26), Quinton Singleton (#36), Brandon Greene (#61), and Shawn Lynch (#87) lend their support.

Darius Staten (Navy #20) tacks on 16 more yards to his total for the day and another Navy 1st down. Stop is credited to USA #3 (Charles Watson).

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) pushes past the defense for his only rushing TD on the day.

Navy's Nick Sloan (#6) continues his stellar work on the day. After this successful PAT, the score is Navy 27, South Alabama 14 (Clock 11:18 in third quarter).

Jags #24 (T.J. Glover) kickoff return is halted at the USA31 by Navy's Quincy Adams (#5) and Ed Royds (#40).

Navy's Paul Quessenberry (#45) causes Jags #2 (Ross Metheny) to rush his throw, resulting in an incomplete pass.

Jags #2 (Ross Metheny) is sacked for an 11yd loss by Navy's Paul Quessenberry (#45), ending the USA drive.

After a series of negated plays, Navy's Punter, Pablo Beltran (#11) gets off a 38 yard punt to the USA45. Beltran's pass protection team shown (L-R) are Patrick Hoffman (#69), Chris Nurthen (#95) and Will Anthony (#90).

Navy's Toneo Gulley (#22) looks for the crowd's support in a third down situation... GET LOUD!

Navy's Marcus Thomas (#26) puts the ball away after a high pitch from Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19).

Navy's Marcus Thomas (#26) is able to shrug off this diving tackle attempt by Jags #23 (Roman Buchnan) to gain 10 yards and another Navy 1st down!

Working now with back-up center Blaze Ryder (Navy #63) goes smoothly as Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) rolls out and looks for his next target.

Navy's punter, Pablo Beltran (#11), is able to get 48 yards on his last punt of the third quarter.

USA back-up QB #7 (Brandon Bridge) completes pass to Jags #5 (Bryant Lavender) but he is quickly met and stopped by Navy's Chris Johnson (#46) and Myer Krah (#9).

Navy's D.J. Sargenti (#52) and Jordan Drake (#13) combine to stop Jags #7 (Brandon Bridge), as Navy's Cody Peterson (#53) and Parrish Gaines (#2) come in for support.

Jags pass to #1 (ShaVarez Smith) is complete but stopped immediately by Navy's Chris Johnson (#46), DJ Sargenti (#52) and Cody Peterson (#53).

Even through the fog on the field, it was easy to see that the throw to Jags #9 (Corey Besteda) was uncatchable, especially with Navy's Myer Krah (#9) in pass coverage.

Navy's Travis Bridges (#72) and Cody Peterson (#53) combine to take down Jags #7 (Brandon Bridges).

Jags #13 (Wes Saxton) can't make the catch when Navy's Chris Johnson (#46) gets in on the play.

Navy's Parrish Gaines (#2) wraps up Jags #8 (Jay Jones) to stop him at the Navy4.

Navy's Cody Peterson stops Jags #29 (Kendall Houston) with some help from Obi Uzoma (Navy #44) and Travis Bridges (Navy #72).

Co-Captain Cody Peterson (Navy #53), after stopping USA drive at the 4yard line.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) goes to work and hands off to Quinton Singleton (#36) for a 3 yard gain.

Navy's DeBrandon Sanders (#21) is caught by Jags #22 (Qudarius Ford) while Casey Bolena (#88) and Demond Brown (#25) work to clear the field.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) fires a brilliant pass through the Jags defenders into the waiting hands of DeBrandon Sanders (#21).

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) rushes behind Bradyn Heap (#62) for another Navy 1st down.

Navy's Co-Captain Matt Aiken (#85) celebrates with Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) after his TD pass.

Navy's Matt Aiken (#85) follows up his TD catch with the catch for a two-point conversion. After both plays, the score is now Navy 35, South Alabama 14 (Clock 07:49 in the 4th quarter).

Co-Captain Matt Aiken (#85), having an amazing Senior Game.

Navy's Aaron Davis (#91) pressures Jags #2 (Ross Metheny) into an incomplete pass.

Navy's William Tuider (#38) catches some serious air - pass by Jags #2 (Ross Metheny) falls incomplete.

Jags #39 (Brandon McKee) gets his punt away just as Navy's Obi Uzoma (#44) and William Tuider (#38) threaten.

The Navy goats seem unaware of all the excitement around them.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) sets up *his* final play of the drive, behind center Blaze Ryder (#63).

Navy makes a QB change, bringing in Tago Smith (Navy #18) for the remainder of the game.

Navy's Tago Smith (#18) rushes for 2 yards before being stopped by Jags #38 (Bryson James).

Navy's Quentin Ezell (#32) goes up the middle for a yard before being stopped by Jags #84 (Theo Rich).

Navy's Tago Smith (#18) gets the 1st down with this 12 yard run. Navy's Brantley Horton stands by as needed.

"I believe that we will win"... the mids are ecstatic.

Navy's Nick Sloan (#6) is perfect on the day - his PAT after QB Tago Smith's rushing TD is good! Score: Navy 42, South Alabama 14 (Clock 02:17).

The Superintendent of the Naval Academy, VADM Mike Miller, gets into the action with his own post-TD pushups.

Seniors Justin Haan (#82) and Albrey Felder (#14) see action in the Jags final drive.

Navy playmakers include(L-R) Michael Tuimavave (#55), David Gordeuk (#92) Michael Huf (#43) and Don Pearson (#50) as USA's drive comes to an end.

Co-Captains Matt Aiken (#85) and Cody Peterson (#53) continue to lead by example as their Senior game comes to a close.

Senior, Darius Staten (#20) had a stellar night, rushing for 127 yards on 7 carries.

Kudos and thanks to seniors DJ Sargenti (#52) and Jake Zuzek (#64) on a great year.

All photos by Alison Althouse for