Photo Gallery: Navy blasts Army, 34-7

Navy defeated Army 34-7 on Saturday in Philadelphia.'s Alison Althouse was there in the freezing snow and ice and captured these exclusive photos.

Alexander Teich, USNA class of '12 and former Navy football co- captain, joins Navy Wide Receivers (L-R) Brendan Dudeck (#81), Co- Captain Matt Aiken (#85) and Hayden Maples (#80) during warm-ups.

Navy's Noah Copeland (#34) warms up for his first game since suffering a leg injury in the game vs Pittsburgh in late October.

Both flyovers by the Blue Angels were low and loud - check them out on YouTube (below)!

Navy's Thirteenth Company Game Ball relay team ran the game ball onto the field with their Army counterparts.

The Navy Midshipmen participate in the Card Trick.

The entire stadium got into the act to celebrate America's Game, complete with Stars and Stripes!

Navy's Co-Captains, Matt Aiken (#85) and Cody Peterson (#53) come out for the coin toss before the game.

Navy takes the field with Marcus Thomas (#26), Evan Palelei (#58) and Michael Huf (#43) carrying in the American Flags and leading the team.

There's something awe-inspiring about seeing the Navy flags intertwined with the American Flags. Pictured here are (L-R) DJ Sargenti (#52), Jake Zuzek (#64), and Marcus Thomas (#26).

Army's Apache helicopters did their own flyover - an amazing sight to see, hear, and feel.

The Mids were prepared with Big Heads of both the Superintendent of the Naval Academy (VADM Michael Miller) and the Commandant of Midshipmen (CAPT Bill Byrne). Damn the Torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead!

Army won the coin toss and deferred, so Navy chose to defend the south end zone. Army's #95 (Daniel Grochowski) kicked off 65 yards for a touchback to begin the game.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) gets ready for the first play of the game.

Complete pass from Keenan Reynolds (#19) to DeBrandon Sanders (#21) nets 6 yards for Navy's forward progress before Army's #9 (Hayden Pierce) gets him out of bounds.

Keenan Reynolds (#19) hands off to Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) for no gain on the run.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes for 12 yards before being stopped by Army's #39 (Josh Jenkins) at the Army46 - First Down Navy!
The next 5-photo squence shows how Navy's Cody Peterson and the snow contribute to the initial fumble by A.J. Schurr. The ball continues to shoot backward as player-after-player tries to keep possession. Army ultimately maintains control, but they lose 20 yards in the process.

Navy's Chris Johnson (#46) halts Army's run by #11 (A.J.Schurr) and helps force a punt when they fail to get the first down yardage.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) goes to work at the Navy32 yard line.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) is unable to avoid being tackled by Army's #99 (Robert Kough) and only gains 1 yard.

Navy's Defense is back at work with Paul Quessenberry (#45), Bernard Sarra (#77, returning from an 11/9 foot injury), Jordan Drake (#13), and Evan Palelei (#58).

Army's #26 (Larry Dixon) doesn't get far before he's brought down by the combination of Navy's Cody Peterson (#53) and DJ Sargenti (#52).

Navy's Chris Johnson (#46) has Army's #31 (Terry Baggett) in his sights and brings him down with the help of teammate Wave Ryder (#8) after only 5 yards of progress.

Army #11 (A.J. Schurr) gets past Navy's Wave Ryder (#8) but Parrish Gaines (Navy #2) is on hand to make the stop.

After recovering an Army fumble, Navy starts at the Navy38 with a 58 yard run by Quinton Singleton (#36) and another Navy First Down.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) fumbles at the 2 yard line but the ball is recovered by Navy's E.K. Binns (#57) to keep the drive alive.

Pitch by Keenan Reynolds (#19) to Noah Copeland (#34) yields no gain and Navy is forced to kick a field goal from the 2 yard line.

Nick Sloan (Navy #6) puts the ball through the uprights for the field goal to give Navy the first points on the day. Clock 01:22, score: Navy 3, Army 0

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) kicks off 49 yards to the Army16.

After 2 Schurr fumbles, Army goes to #3 (Angel Santiago) as their QB, seen here handing off to #31 (Terry Baggett).

Army's #31 (Terry Baggett) tries to find daylight around the end but is pushed back for a loss of 3 yards by Navy's Chris Johnson (#46) and Brendon Clements (#1).

No amount of snow or sleet could dim the Mid's enthusiasm throughout the day.

Even Bill The Goat was in the holiday spirit as he worked the crowd.

Co-Captain Cody Peterson doesn't let bodies on the ground get in his way of taking down his man.

Navy's Paul Quessenberry (#45) and Parrish Gaines (#2) come back to the huddle after completing their mission to stop Army's drive... Navy's defense was on fire, even in the midst of snowfall that made things more difficult.

Navy's Chris Swain (#37) churns up another yard of offense after the handoff from Keenan Reynolds (#19).

It takes a team of people to keep Navy Football working... shown here (L-R) are TAD 2nd Lt John Howell, USMC, and Steve Hinrichs.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) is caught behind the line by Army's #99 (Robert Kough).

Navy's Pablo Beltran (#11) got a workout throughout the day, punting 6 times for a total of 247 yards with a 41.2 average. Beltran's longest punt was 51 yards - he got one inside the 20 and had two touchbacks.

Co-Captain Cody Peterson (Navy #53) brings down Army's #86 (Xavier Moss) before he can gain significant yardage. Peterson is shown here (L-R) with members of Navy's defense; Wave Ryder (#8), Evan Palelei (#58), Paul Quessenberry (#45) and Bernard Sarra (#77).

Navy's Co-Captain (Cody Peterson, #53) doesn't take time off between snaps as he works to take down Army's #3 (Angel Santiago) and stop the Black Knights' offense in their tracks.

Navy Cheerleader, Katrina Herrera, shows the versatility of our midshipmen as she cheers, stunts, *and* works the camera while on the sidelines. No matter the weather, our midshipmen always give 110% as they support their brothers!

Army's #92 (Mike Ugenyi) tries to wrap up Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) but he's able to twist away and continue his assault. Shown here (L-R) with Bradyn Heap (Navy #62) and Noah Copeland (Navy #34).

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) is able to stay calm and complete the pass to Shawn Lynch (Navy #87) despite having Army #43 (James Kelly) aiming for him.

Wonder what's being said between Navy's Shawn Lynch (#87) and Army's #39 (Josh Jenkins)...

Quincy Adams (Navy #5), Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19), and Quinton Singleton (Navy #36) come to the bench to congratulate Noah Copeland (Navy #34) on his successful 39yard TD run.

Austin Grebe (Navy #43) gets a holding assist from Marcus Thomas (Navy #26) on his kickoff after the Navy scoring drive. With the clock at 08:15, the score is now Navy 10, Army 0. Shown in the foreground is Navy's Myer Krah (#9).

Cody Peterson (Navy co-captain, #53) shows no mercy to Army #3 (Angel Santiago) in this first play of the Army drive. Shown L-R are DJ Sargenti (Navy #52) and Obi Uzoma (Navy #44).

Navy's Brendon Clements (#1) successfully intercepts an Army pass meant for #21 (Chevaughn Lawrence) with support from DJ Sargenti (Navy #52) and Parrish Gaines (Navy #2).

Members of the Blue Angels took time for an impromptu photo-op with the Navy goats after their amazing pre-game flyovers.

Navy's Punt protection team (L-R) Will Anthony (#90), Chris Nurthen (#95), and Barry Dabney (#69) work hard to keep the Black Knights away from punter Pablo Beltran (Navy #11).

After a late TD run by Navy to close out the second quarter, the second half begins with a run by Army #19 (Tony Giovannelli).

Navy's William Tuider (#38) tries to block the punt but is kept away by #94 (Derek Sanchez) of Army's Punt Protection Team.

Chris Swain (Navy #37) pushes through for a few yards before being wrapped up by Army #34 (Jarrett Mackey), with help from #33 (Shaquille Tolbert).

Navy loses the ball to Army on downs after a failed 4th down attempt.

Navy's DJ Sargenti (#52) wraps up Army #26 (Larry Dixon) and takes him down, before getting more help from Cody Peterson (Navy #53).

Navy's Kwazel Bertrand (#17) keeps Army's #3 (Angel Santiago) from scoring.

Navy's Parrish Gaines (#2) stopped Army's #31 (Terry Baggett) after a short 3 yard gain. Show here L-R are Army's #52 (Ryan Powis), #75 (Zach Reichert) and Navy's Travis Bridges (#72) and Paul Quessenberry (#45).

Army's only score on the day comes from a 4 yard rushing TD by #3 (Angel Santiago). After a successful PAT, the score is now Navy 17, Army 7 with the clock at 06:36.

The Navy goats braved the winter weather along with everyone else.

Navy's Demond Brown (#25) makes a 16 yard kickoff return as Marcus Thomas (#26) blocks for him.

Noah Copeland (Navy #34) finds daylight around the outside end to get another Navy First Down!

Army's #34 (Jarrett Mackey) catches up with Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) and brings him down.

Navy's Chris Swain (#37) doesn't go down easily for Army's #6 (Geoffery Bacon) as he fights for yards.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) looks for DeBrandon Sanders (#21) before being taken out by Army's #83 (Kyle Maxwell). Army was called for roughing the passer and penalized by 16 yards.

Navy's Chris Swain (#37) works to protect the ball as Army's #14 (Chris Carnegie) brings him down.

Navy's Noah Copeland (#34) covers the ball as he heads into traffic to gain 4 yards, but a Navy holding penalty backs the play too far for the offense to compensate.

Navy's Nick Sloan (#6) gets the ball through the uprights for a field goal to make the score Navy 20, Army 7 late in the third quarter (clock 01:04).

View from the Press Box at the beginning of the fourth quarter - the snow and sleet had changed to a hard rain and the field was slick.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) continued his assault on the field in the fourth quarter by rushing for two more touchdowns and catching a pass for a successful two-point conversion. Final score, after the fourth quarter of play, is Navy 34, Army 7. Congratulations to the entire Navy Football program on their twelve consecutive victories over Army.

Of note: Reynolds broke a one-season NCAA record for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback. His three touchdowns, which came as he gained 136 yards on 30 carries, gave him 29 scores this season and helped the sophomore break the record of 27 held previously by former Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs (and former Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein). Congratulations to Keenan Reynolds for all his accomplishments of the regular season and we wish him the best in the upcoming bowl game!

All photos by Alison Althouse for Top Stories