Watch Navy hoops; play Rock-Paper-Scissors

I don't know exactly when promotions and sports became entwined, but it seems there in no getting away from them in today's world. No matter if you are at a field, a pitch, a court, or a rink, there is going to be something going on either pregame or during breaking in play to capture and keep the crowd's attention where the organizers want it to be.

Some of these promotions are tried and tested and used at every facility in the nation. The throwing of t-shirts, balls, or Frisbees, into the crowd for example is something you see from high school to pro levels. Unfortunately though my local arena seems to have banned the t-shirt gun, this my chances of ever getting a t-shirt in the cheap seats now relies solely on the throwing power of some of the weakest armed cheerleaders in the business. Just as common is the half-court shot, or mid-range filed goal, for either prizes or money, which is guaranteed to bring the house down (and be on Sports Center) if it is good.

For years minor league baseball teams have been the ultimate kings of promotion. These teams in places like Hickory, North Carolina and Hillsboro, Oregon, have to be at their creative peak to get people through the doors in the dog days of summer. It seems though that the Naval Academy has been taking notes from some of these places as the athletic department has come up with a brilliant promotion for the game against Boston University on Wednesday February 5th.

The beauty of a good promotion is often in its pure simplicity and its ability to get people talking when they hear about it. To this end the Mids have struck gold with one of the most simple and effective games of all time: Rock-Paper-Scissors. If you arrive outside Alumni Hall between 6:15pm and 6:45pm on game day you can challenge Bill the Goat to a winner takes all version of the game. You beat him and you get in for free, you lose and you pay the regular $10 entry fee.

Like everyone else I like things that are free. Here are three essential Rock-Paper-Scissors tips to help you take down the goat in this genius promotion:

1 – Scout him. Get there early and get on Bill like a card counter in Vegas. Watch for patterns in his throws and make him pay.

2 – I am far from convinced that Bill's hand can make a proper scissors gesture. Throw paper then claim shenanigans if it fails.

3 – If you are not feeling confident heading in, challenge Bill to a round of rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock instead. You will spend so much time explaining the rules that the PR staff will give you a free ticket just to keep the line moving.

So there you go. Three foolproof ways to get into the game for free. Enjoy and you can thank me later. Top Stories